Maduro does not hallucinate: Trump raised the possibility of invading Venezuela

In August of 2017, the US president raised the option of militarily invading Venezuela, but for his advisors this route was not safe

Maduro does not hallucinate: Trump raised the possibility of invading Venezuela

The current president of the United States, Donald Trump, has been controversial since the beginning of his campaign for the presidency and throughout his term he has made "strong" statements on various issues such as migration to the United States, NAFTA with Canada and Mexico, and relations with Russia and Venezuela. As for this last Latin American nation, Trump has repeatedly reiterated his "disagreement" with the government of Nicolas Maduro, while the president does not lose opportunity to try to propose "solutions" to the international community regarding this crisis.

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During the month of August of 2017, Trump would have raised to his cabinet the possibility of invading the Venezuelan territory with the purpose of fighting the crisis that Venezuela faces under the government of "Chavismo". This information was released by US media through a White House official, who, due to his integrity, requested to keep his identity anonymous. The New York Times, for example, titled “Should the United States attack Venezuela?”

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Now a senior White House official, who also requested anonymity in CNN, clarified that the operation "was never an imminent option" and emphasized that all the president's advisers agreed that this was not a favorable action for the foreign relations of the country. If the United States decided to proceed with a "military invasion”, it would not have the support of the Latin American countries, which have opted to put pressure on the Venezuelan government using diplomatic channels and sanctions.

At the meeting where Donald Trump would have raised this idea to his cabinet were present Rex Tillerson (then Secretary of State) and HR McMaster (White House Security Adviser) who are no longer part of the Executive. Days after this meeting, the president of the United States would make public reference to the issue affirming that he would not rule out a "military option" against the Venezuelan government.


For now, the Venezuelan president asked his military forces not to lower their guard against recent statements from the White House. So far, no further details of the conversation are known, although the US government has undertaken a series of diplomatic measures against Maduro’s government. It has even promoted a resolution with the purpose of suspending Venezuela from the OAS, which was approved and carries the regular channel within the Political Forum to be carried out.


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