Being a singer today: talent or beauty?

To be a singer, without a doubt, one should have talent, or that is what one expects as a spectator, but why is it necessary to be beautiful?

Being a singer today: talent or beauty?

Beauty is a subjective concept: what is beautiful for you, surely for another person is not, and vice versa. Following these patterns, any "ugly" within the current stereotype of beauty, could be beautiful, then, anyone with talent could be a singer. That alone does not ensure you become a star, but it would be a great step to succeed in any profession or dream.

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On several occasions I have heard expressions such as: "she has a good voice, but she is chubby", "He has talent, but he is very short", or in one of the worst cases, "she does not register well". Unfortunately, these "myths", which for those who make the decisions of the music industry are truths, have led many talents to fall IGNORE INTO frustration and abandon their dreams. If we stick to these patterns, the Adele phenomenon could never have occured.

The definitive, the image counts today, and the first impressions also. Most people are predisposed to having to talk to someone who has a physique that is not attractive within its parameters, but that is not the problem, because everyone in general is not inside the walls of someone. The problem really lies in stereotypes and marketing. Even if we hear proverbs like this: "A person who is comfortable as he is, is much more sure of himself, and that security is transmitted", which sounds very nice, the reality is different. Stereotypes are marked not only in the music industry, also in advertising, television, etc., not in all cases, but without telling lies, yes in its vast majority.

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With all the above I do not mean that if you are not within the stereotypes of the "perfect" woman or man, you can not make your dreams come true. On the contrary, it is rather necessary to fight against these barriers that society puts on us every day, making their talent something that goes beyond being "pretty", that manages to be integral in their art, and not be put out by these alleged impediments.

We have to stop, observe the world, and above all, what advertising sells us, stop for a moment and take note of the artists who are breaking records on digital platforms and others, especially those who perform popular genres such as reggaeton.

If you want to make commercial music, and enter the guild of these artists, it is better to prepare: if your physical or style is not within the parameters imposed, this can be a big trigger for you to decide to change your path. And that is why I have decided to write to those "ugly" ones who have retired without fighting the battle, so to speak, to invite them if they have weapons, which in this case would be their art, their talent and their desire to learn. Fight for your dreams, look for the way, since the talent of an artist is not measured by the physical attributes of this. You can be one of the victors of this great struggle, stop to observe how the music industry is full of beautiful without talent, and turn this IGNORE INTO one more reason not to falter.


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