How much does it cost to go to Colombiamoda 2018?

Here we present you a list of basic expenses that you should know if you want to attend the most anticipated fashion week of the year

How much does it cost to go to Colombiamoda 2018?

The most important fashion week in Latin America will start on July 24 and with it the possibilities of expanding the Colombian textile design market to international stages; besides educating more than 53 thousand visitors through the 18 free conferences related to communications, technology, and environment applied to the fashion sector.

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"Under the concept of Open Your Eyes, this year we received one of the most important weeks of the fashion sector in the country: Colombiamoda 2018. From July 24 to 26, fashion will seek to open your eyes to observe, a moment or revealing process that will connect with what the current consumer needs beyond the obvious," informed the Convention and Exhibition Center, Plaza Mayor of Medellín.

This is a platform for commercial, intellectual and sensory exchange that makes it an attraction for fashion bloggers, entrepreneurs, SMEs and design students, who come to this event every year in which they can nurture their contact agenda, establish strategic alliances and guide his/her business ideas. However, how much does it cost to go to Colombiamoda without being an exhibitor or belonging to the press?

Here we present you a list of basic and averaged expenses for those who wish to participate in the fashion week of this version:

Entrance: the organization of the event has had a rosette with which you have access to all the footbridges and pavilions appropriate to the interior and exterior of Plaza Mayor, where the fair will take place. This rosette costs 230 thousand Colombian pesos, but those who register and purchase until July 19 will receive a discount equal to 50%.

Airplane tickets: it was randomly selected from a platform on the Internet that offered discounts on round-trip air tickets to Medellín in economy class. Starting from areas close to the interior of the country, and according to Despegar.com, the average of both tickets for the dates indicated, that is, from July 23 with return on the 27th of the same month, is 250 thousand pesos.

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Accommodation: as the previous item was calculated, Trivago.com was selected as the consultation website to determine the cost per night in hotels near the Plaza Mayor. The average is 70 thousand pesos with simple accommodation, free breakfast, wifi service and transportation to the airport, that is, for the three days of the fair the cost is 210 thousand pesos.

Food: being in the heart of the city, the gastronomic offer is wide and very diverse in terms of costs. Therefore, it is not surprising to find restaurants where they have dishes under 10 thousand pesos. The calculation per day of food would be 30 thousand pesos, for the three days of the event, give a total of 90 thousand pesos.

However, these values ​​can change significantly if you have relatives in the city that provide accommodation, food, and transportation.

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