Having a healthy appearance is very simple: Face the routine!

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In the market, there are all kinds of products designed for all skins and all budgets, so there are no excuses to avoid your face routine

Having a healthy face is very simple: Face the routine!

The face we have will depend on the effects of the sun, pollution, eating habits, hours of rest and the lifestyle we have. However, the facial routine is a large percentage of how our face looks and how it will look in the future. Therefore, and regardless of the type of skin (dry, oily or mixed), it is important to have a facial cleansing routine that provides the face with the minimum requirements to be protected. Our routine should follow a step by step every day and we should consult a dermatologist periodically, because not all the products that are on the market can be suitable for your skin, as well as not all are for night and for day.

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1. Moisturizing cream

One of the main causes of wrinkles is the lack of hydration in the skin. A day facial cream, in addition to protecting against different environmental factors, helps keep it moisturized for 12 hours. In fact, unlike the nocturnal hydration that restores, in the day we must apply a moisturizing cream that retains dampness.

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2. Sunscreen

If you can talk about a "must have" in the routine, you have to talk about the sunscreen. Depending on your skin type, choose the one that suits you (spray or cream), but never, never, stop using it. It is known that the sun's rays are not only the main cause of skin cancer but also of wrinkles and spots.


1. Night cleaning

Cleansing cream and micellar water can be used in this process, which seeks to remove makeup and dirt that accumulates on the face during the day. The ideal thing with this step is to free the impurities from the cells of the face, because not doing so can result in lack of light and even skin problems such as acne. In the words of the dermatologist for the firm Mary Kay Colombia, Lina Llanos, "the cells are like a factory that produces waste, this waste has to be removed, because if it is not done, that cell begins to replicate in a defective way, it begins to age and lose luminosity," she says.

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2. Night hydration

Bringing moisturized skin is not enough during the day. That is why some experts also suggest the use of a cream at night. A cream that can revitalize the luminosity of the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The secret is that hydrate without being greasy.

3. Eye contour

"I always say 'be careful with the skin around the eyes', because it is a skin given to age. If this area is not taken care of, it ends up transforming IGNORE INTO bags and dark circles", says Llanos to emphasize the importance of this product, affirming that it helps to improve the aging lines and to have a more luminous look, while the sin remains firm and moisturized


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