How to recognize and eliminate stress in your dog?

These are some signs that will tell you if your dog is stressed and how to help improve their welfare

How to recognize and eliminate stress in your dog?

Like humans, dogs can suffer from stress. This nervousness is usually caused by the rhythm of life that we force them to take, lack of walks, external or strong noises, and encounters with strangers.

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If you suspect that your dog is not having a good time, there are some signs that, according to La Cuarta, Milenio and LovelyCan, will help you act on time and avoid your friend's health and well-being problems:

  • Barking in excess: barking at all people who pass through your house and lose control every time the doorbell rings, is a warning sign especially in small dogs.
  • Reactivity: reacts with aggression or flee from the situations that overwhelm him. If the stress is chronic, he does not need an external stimulus to show extreme shyness or phobias.

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  • Muscular rigidity: has a rigid posture most of the time waiting for something or not allow you to carry or caress while lying.
  • Hold his breath: try to pay attention to his breathing patterns, because this is a good indicator to know the level of stress in which he is. If he are holding it or he is snorting a lot, you should probably act.
  • Overactivity: when an animal is stressed, he has an increase in locomotor activity. Dogs cannot stay in that state for long before their system runs out of resources and goes out.

The best thing you can do if your pet is stressed is to go to a veterinarian or dog education expert to guide you on the best way to get it out of this state, especially if it is chronic. However, there are some things you can do to help according to Animal Expert:

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Share time with him and spend one hour a day. Let him sniff and wear a long strap that allows him to move without any limitation.

  • Do not put him in uncomfortable situations, avoid scolding him and try to redirect his negative behaviors in a positive way. Also, let her know when she is doing things well with caresses or gifts to reinforce her love.
  • Avoid over-excitement, do not encourage him to run or chase objects as it is important that your pet maintain a relaxed attitude until the stress disappears. Try quiet activities such as massages in the ears or sowing.
  • According to QUO, Yoga for dogs is an effective way to treat stress. The idea is to share this space with your pet and start with a massage and warm up, then postures and finally relaxation to synchronize their breathing and enter a state of meditation together.
  • Finally, an infusion of chamomile will help relax your dog if it is scary thanks to the anxiolytic properties of this plant.


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