The story of Bismarck Alfaro: from talented boxer to 'pastry chef' in the streets

Nicaraguan Bismarck Alfaro works selling cakes to help solve the health problems of two relatives

The story of Bismarck Alfaro: from talented boxer to 'pastry chef' in the streets

The Nicaraguan boxer, Bismarck Alfaro, had the opportunity to excel in the ring thanks to his powerful punch and excellent movements. Then, he ventured into Mixed Martial Arts, where he decided to participate because he needed a large amount of money to help his family.

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However, after competing in this discipline, Alfaro was suspended indefinitely by the Nicaraguan Professional Boxing Commission (Conibop). Now, he is dedicated to selling and making cakes, to look for sustenance and to help his mother who suffered a stroke and his niece, who suffers from lupus. The treatments are quite expensive, and for this reason, he received the help of the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega and Rosendo Álvarez.

His career in boxing

Alfaro's boxing debut was on April 1, 2006 when he faced Daniel 'La Serpiente' Castro in the old Alexis Arguello Gym. According to the Boxrec.com portal, he played a total of 30 bouts of which he won 13 and 5 of those wins were by knockout.

In addition, the boxer won the bronze medal in the Pan American Games of the Dominican Republic that took place in 2003. He was also showing his conditions throughout Central America, and was champion four times in the division of 57 kilograms. "After winning several medals, people told me there comes Pastelito, and they bought me more cakes," Alfaro told Hoy.com.

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Represented his country in Europe

He had the opportunity to compete in European countries such as Italy, Austria, France, and Spain in 118, 122, 126, 130, 135, 140 and 147 pounds. Alfaro added to Hoy that he liked life in those countries, and he had hard times as he played nine fights and only won one.

With the money he earned, he took charge of remodeling his house, stopped selling cakes for a long time and practiced what he liked best. On November 30, 2013 was the last time that Alfaro got into a ring and faced José Gutiérrez. In 2014, he agreed to fight in the Mixed Martial Arts, and told Diario Metro that he did so because he was offered $ 1,000 dollars.

Constant struggle for his family

The mother of the boxer, Gertrudis Jarquín, suffers from a stroke that has had her in a delicate state of health in recent years. In turn, Marina Saraí, Alfaro's niece, suffers from lupus and was treated in public hospitals.

He received help from President Daniel Ortega and former boxer Rosendo Álvarez, who managed the transfer of his mother and niece to a hospital. In these moments, they are receiving the appropriate treatments, and 'El Pastelito' has been very grateful for the help provided. "I asked for my mother and my niece to have treatment. Thank God it was achieved", Alfaro told 100 news Nicaragua.

He defended a woman

A woman was being beaten by two men and Alfaro sent them to the ground with his powerful right hand that he keeps intact. He put aside his box of cakes, and decided to confront these two aggressors to defend this woman.

A publication of Nuevaya.com, indicated that some merchants recriminated the former boxer because the two men were drunk. 'El Pastelito' told Desdes Nicaragua 505 that it was an impulse and that if it happened again, he would do it because he does not like injustice and helps people.


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