How to be more active in the mornings if you do not like to get up early

These practical tips will help you start the day with energy

How to be more active in the mornings if you do not like to get up early

Getting up early each morning will always be an torment, even worse if you tend to stay up late at night on the cell phone or in some other activity. When you have not fulfilled the proper sleep, your body does not work properly and no matter how much coffee you drink, fatigue does not disappear.

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If any work or task is almost impossible to do in the morning and until the evening the energy returns to your body and keeps you awake almost all night continue reading. This vicious circle that affects your performance can be modified with simple activities.

According to the book A Thousand and One Remedies for the health of Dr. André Lemaire, this type of alterations in your routine are caused by the adrenal glands. They are responsible for the laziness that invades you in the mornings and the vigorousness that you feel at 10 o'clock at night.

These glands secrete hormones such as cortisol and aldosterone, under a strict schedule that your body has established. For example, according to Lemaire, for people who fall asleep early and get up early, the adrenals work in the morning. Its activity decreases little by little during the day and at night it has stopped, which allows to get to sleep.

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To modify the timing of your adrenal glands and have energy early, follow these steps:

1. Before breakfast, take a tablespoon of currant syrup

This fruit is rich in potassium, proteins, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins A and C. The currant, according to Lemaire, works as a stimulant for the adrenal glands and forces them to become active more quickly.

2. Take a breakfast rich in proteins

The recommended thing is a cup of tea or coffee, two eggs or cold meats, and bread with honey or butter. It is important to feed yourself well in the morning. Protein is essential so that you are recharged with energy from early on.

3. Drench yourself with plenty of warm water

To a glove or exfoliating sponge add a few drops of water or lavender oil and rub your body. You can start with the feet and give yourself a prolonged massage on the neck. In the area of ​​the heart apply a circulatory movement from left to right and in the belly perform massages in the opposite direction.

4. Do short exercises

It will only take four minutes, but your body will be left with much more energy. Start by performing 20 push-ups. With straight legs, try to touch the tip of the feet without bending the knees, flexing the trunk.

Make turnstiles with the arms, 20 times forward and another 20 backwards.

Pedal in the air 40 times. With the body lying on the floor or a flat surface, hands crossed under the neck and legs raised. In that same position raise the legs and let them fall without touching the ground on 10 occasions.

5. Breathe deeply

In front of an open window, standing and with your arms back, take a breath. Hold it for 30 seconds and expel it by the mouth. Stay without breathing another 30 seconds and repeat again.

This controlled breathing stimulates the adrenal glands and enriches the blood in oxygen.

Remember that if you want to modify your routine you should be constant and wake up with enough time to complete all the steps.


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