This is the next film festival in Colombia that you can not miss

Here we highlight the films that should not be missed in this great event

This is the next film festival in Colombia that you can not miss

Seventy years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it only remains to say that there are still many communities and people whose rights are being violated. This is what Amnesty International has revealed in its latest report. "The battle for human rights is never definitively won anywhere or at any time. Yet, faced with unprecedented challenges around the world, people have demonstrated over and over again their thirst for justice, dignity, and equality, which is not going to calm down even if they have to pay a very high price for it. "

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Meanwhile and with the aim of contributing a grain of sand to all these situations, the Film Festival for Human Rights on the screen, organized by Impulsos Films and that will take place from 10 to 16 August, has become the ideal space so that the film community in Colombia and the world can train its assistants and strengthen this industry. Thus, with short films, feature films and talks, this fifth edition continues to focus on audiovisual narratives focused on the social area, in order to forge spaces for dialogue, promote recognition and disseminate them due to its non-commercial nature.

Radiance of resistance

Janna Ayyad is a nine years old girl who lives under the military occupation of her village Nabi Salih (Palestine). She, along with 14-year-old Ahed Tamimi, makes peaceful resistance in order to show to the world her journalistic work. The film that for the portal Paz con Dignidad, reveals the intimacy of their lives, also highlights the importance of a generation that makes resistance to Palestinian power, a power that keeps them imprisoned.

Date: August 11

Location: Cinemateca Distrital

La educación en movimiento

This Argentinean film accounts for the struggle of some indigenous communities in Latin America to achieve different educational processes in popular schools in countries such as Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil. The film exposes what implies that the popular movements are empowered by these institutions. "Stories of struggle, resistance, and training, as opposed to the advancement of large economic sectors over the lives of our peoples", this is what this film condenses for its creators, Malena Noguer and Martín Ferrari in an interview for the Rio Negro newspaper.

Date: August 13

Location: Cinemateca Distrital

Vientos de Resistencia

Directed by Zeltia Outeriño Gonzalez, this documentary revives the stories of different musicians who are dedicated to playing the bagpipes on the Colombian Caribbean Coast. "It shows a way of being in the world, of believing in life, of working on social transformation from music," says a synopsis of the Goteo portal. Thus, between music and folklore are interlaced a series of stories that are woven to create a melody where the ghost of war remains as part of the memory of each of its protagonists located in different parts of the Caribbean region in Colombia.

Date: August 14

Location: Cine Tonalá

Síndrome del Vinagre

The life and sorrow of the women of the communities of Guatemala are exposed in this film, which accounts for their longing to find their loved ones. There are about 200,000 missing persons who died at the hands of paramilitary groups during the civil war and while they search for their remains, the memory of them is forgotten. One of the natives in the trailer says: "while they do not appear we can not forget, let alone forgive".

Date: August 15

Location: Cinemateca Distrital


The idyllic life Mikele Grande, a Spanish teenager from Navarra, is exposed in this film directed by Ekhiñe Etxeberria Garjón. The constant dilemma that surrounds Mikele can only be found in the fact of being a transsexual, because for her, in statements to El País of Spain, her life has been very different from that of other transsexuals experiencing difficult situations of constant exclusion. "I know that my story is not a story of struggle and survival like others I've known. Some struck me so much that I have come to feel guilty for the luck I have had. You can only tell them not to be afraid and never to hate themselves for being the way they are."

Date: August 16

Location: Darío Echandía Auditorium (Bogotá)

To consult the complete program in all the cities, go to: http://cineporlosderechoshumanos.co/projects/el-festival/

LatinAmerican Post | Maria Alejandra Gomez
Translated from "Conozca el próximo festival de cine que no se puede perder en Colombia"