If Adidas and Disney do it, why not you?

More and more companies are taking measures to reduce the environmental impact they produce

If Adidas and Disney do it, why not you?

It is not a secret that the use of plastic has become a headache. According to El País, 1.5 million animals die because of plastic in the oceans. The huge amounts of plastic that pollute the sea and that could be recycled have resulted in different companies around the world taking measures to reduce the environmental impact they produce. Two companies that recently decided to reduce their use of plastic are Adidas and Disney.

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In the first case, according to CNN, the sportswear company announced that for 2024 it will only use recycled plastic in its clothing line. Adidas also confirmed that it will stop using "virgin" plastic in its warehouses and distribution centers. The decision would mean a saving of 40 tons of plastic annually by the company.

In the second case, according to the press release issued by Disney, by the mid-2019, the animation giant will eliminate single-use plastic straws and stirrers worldwide. The measure will eliminate 175 million straws and 13 million stirrers per year. Additionally, Disney will reduce the use of plastic bags in its hotels and stores, as well as polystyrene cups. In the statement, the company stated that "these steps are part of our long-term effort to reduce single-use plastics, and we will continue recycling and responsibly disposing single-use waste that cannot be eliminated."

The truth is that we often do not perceive the big impact of, for example, using straws. The reality is that the use of these elements has devastating environmental consequences. To show more clearly the impact of straws, the international initiative "The Last Plastic Straw" said that if the 500 million straws produced in the United States were tied, the earth could be wrapped 2 and a half times.

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For this reason, these measures are good news for the world in general. The fact that companies of this size send such a strong message about recycling and reducing plastic, only motivates smaller companies and normal people to become aware on this issue. Moreover, these companies are telling the world that growing financially means doing so by caring for the environment and thus of society.

Then, why not do it at home? The impact we generate as individuals is clearly less than what a company the size of Adidas can produce. However, we can contribute in a small but concrete way. We have heard a thousand times that we must recycle paper, cardboard and plastic; we must save water and energy; and we must use alternative means of transportation. Why do not we do it? Why not implement small actions that benefit the planet?

If we can walk instead of taking a taxi, if we can close the water tap while we brush our teeth, use the sheets on both sides, separate ordinary recyclable waste, do not use straws and buy products made with recycled materials, why not do it? Let's follow the example of Adidas and Disney.


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