Amazing! These are the 5 best nanny dogs

Here we present a list of the best "nanny dogs" that will accompany your child at all times

Amazing! These are the 5 best nanny dogs

The benefits of having a dog at home are widely known. For children specifically, according to Nueva Mujer, these furry ones reduce the risk of respiratory diseases, increase the sense of responsibility, decrease the feeling of loneliness and allow them to control their impulses. However, not all dogs have the right character to deal with children and take care of them. Some breeds get stressed easily and sometimes the little ones do not understand that they are  animals and treat them like toys, which can result in unpleasant situations.

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Here are five of the best nanny dogs that are perfect to make company to the children:

1. Golden Retriever. According to the Diario de Ibiza, this dog has the ideal characteristics to share with children: it is affectionate, learns easily, it is sociable and extremely patient. However, he needs sports and constant outdoor outings in order not to become hyperactive. So, if physical activity is not common in your family, you may have to choose another "babysitting" option.

2. Pit bull Terrier. For a long time it has been described as a "potentially dangerous dog" so having one at home requires, according to Animal Expert, a license, liability insurance and the use of muzzle in public spaces. What people do not know is that, despite their coarse and aggressive image, for years was considered the best race to take care of children below the Golden Retriever for their patience and serene character.

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3. San Bernardo. Originally from the Swiss Alps, this breed possesses great skills for rescuing and caring people, especially children and the elderly. Although he is very kind, he will attack without hesitation anyone who dares to harm a member of his family. In addition, he usually avoids fights and knows how to develop in situations of hostility. It does not require many special care, except for ease of movement, affection and love. If he is not involved in the family, he will become surly.

4. Boxer. According to the newspaper La Crónica, although this breed was considered potentially dangerous, now it went from being the "butcher dog" to being everyone's favorite. It has a noble character, courageous, devoted and protective, so it is ideal to take care of children. It is a very intelligent dog, easily learns basic instructions and does not require much care. In fact, with a walk of 20 minutes a day can appease it's energy.

5. Schnauzer. It's smart, bold and fun. It has the perfect character to deal with children, because it does not get tired or impatient easily. In fact, it is a very active dog, so it requires high doses of physical activity and play. According to PerrosPedia, the Schnauzer learns easily. However, it is necessary to have clear rules from the beginning and be taught to socialize so you do not become overprotective with yourself or your family.


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