3 Colombian movies to watch in August

These films will be released in theaters and they stand out, not only for having an increasingly polished production, but also for portraying Colombian society

3 Colombian movies to watch in August

Felipe Aljure, Ciro Guerra and Jorge Navas take the cinema screens during this month. The public will find, in the midst of their stories, a communion between the harsh reality and the culture, the music and its people. The stories that are developed in the Pacific and the Caribbean are the central axis that moves the arguments of this list of international dye, where the productions are increasingly larger and more ambitious. We bring you this list designed to be programmed.

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Pájaros de verano (Summer birds)

Úrsula, a Wayúu matron who has the reins of her family, tries to continue controlling all the situations they face. After the marriage of his granddaughter a series of tragic events will come to accompany the fate of his relatives and she will do everything to avoid it. Thus, in the midst of a context that accounts for the marimbera bonanza, an agrarian economy that, according to the portal Verdad Abierta, "opened the doors to the market for cocaine and heroin in Colombia," the film tells how this humble family Soon he gets rich at the end of the business of marijuana in La Guajira, a business that they will not be able to leave afterwards. Between gasgters and weapons, this production of action, directed by Ciro Guerra (The embrace of the serpent) and Cristina Gallego, succeeds in alternating with this context the family disputes that over time are being crossed by ambition and honor. All this while, behind the scenes, a controlling woman tries from the actions and from metaphysics to determine the destiny that seems to be written.

Somos Calentura

The rhythms of the Pacific and Hip-Hop are mixed to tell the story of a group of young dancers who, among the daily rummaging of living in the Colombian Pacific region, so stigmatized by their rates of violence and poverty, must decide between the weapons or the path of art. The film by Jorge Navas is undoubtedly the reflection of a region where enthusiasm and fever are not lost in the face of adversity, the reflection of a society burdened with problems but that does not lose hope. This is what the director did in an interview with W Radio. "It was a very nice surprise to see that in those neighborhoods that have so much stigma we were so full of love. The film was also charged with that energy, with that angel, without hiding any reality but not focusing on the negative", he says. The film, which was supported by the call for Integral Stimulation of the Fund for Cinematographic Development, had the participation of natural actors who were selected thanks to the contribution of Shock magazine, which was in charge of looking for dancers, musicians and singers to act and contribute to the soundtrack of this film that is pure fever.

Tres escapularios (Three scapulars)

Killing. That is what this film is about, although it seems to the naked eye the already known history about the Colombian reality, it gives an account of a different and peculiar argument that makes the film different from other films. Directed by Felipe Aljure, who also directed "El colombian dream" in 2006, this film tells the story of Nico and Lorena, two murderers who do not like each other and whose mission is to dismiss a former guerrilla who after making some statements turns out to be be the culprit of a bombing of a camp. The film, which takes place in the Caribbean region, delves IGNORE INTO the character of Lorena, who although she has never killed, decides to do so because of the hatred that she carries inside her. However, despite the overwhelming situation what Lorena does not know is that feelings can sometimes command orders and reasoning, and so, as Proimages affirms in a synopsis, "a conflict arises between the obedience of the soldier and the ethics of their ideals".


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