4 makeup trends you'll wear before 2018 ends

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Reinventing yourself every day is becoming easier: these techniques and colors will help you highlight the different features of your face

4 makeup trends you'll wear before 2018 ends

There are four forms of makeup that will send the stop in the remainder of 2018. From the most natural and pale colors to the most vivid, the options are broad. These trends are not only taking social media, but also catwalks and runways. This was announced on July 26 by Charlie Green, a makeup artist invited by the cosmetics brand Avon, during Colombia Moda 2018, and Samir Cadrazco, professional makeup artist, in an interview with LatinAmerican Post, who affirms that "trends are for living and for enjoying" because after all, experimenting with them will make it possible to find the look and tones with which you can find comfort.

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No Make Up-Make Up

"Definitely the natural will always prevail because all women struggle to look natural and the basis of good makeup is that the woman looks good, looks fresh and looks healthy," says Samir Cadrazco confidently about this form of makeup which has become the favorite of celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. This trend proposes to give the impression of wearing very little makeup at the same time that seeks to highlight a radiant skin. The accents of color are soft and ideally go in shades of pinks, nudes, and peaches. "The two essential products in this trend are mascara and blush," explains Charlie Green. Emphasis is placed on the use of a highlight that allows to print more shine to the cheek and nose area.


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Full color

This type of look seeks that the exploration of intense colors, especially in eyes and lips, generate contrasts that give impact to makeup. For Green, this trend "is perfect to break the rules and transmit energy and a lot of attitude, here there is no rule that makeup should combine." For that reason and in the words of Cadrazco, it is a makeup "that is very good for a catwalk, for a rock night and applies to perfection in creative women". In fact, it has been seen that it is very appropriate for summer times and warm weather, where a green like shadow, a royal blue eyeliner or an orange blush go very well and print a touch of youth and fun to those who dare to take it



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Get on Fire

This trend, in which warm tones such as oranges, reds, yellows, and some browns and golds are the most important, is to discover which of all the colors of the palette favors you the most. "This look can be used at any time of day, this decision will depend on the intensity defined by the intensity of the colors," says Charlie Green. However, when carrying out this trend it is essential to be clear in which areas of the face apply cosmetics, since you should look for a balance and highlight the features of the face. So, if you have small eyes, avoid using dark shadows under your eyes and apply enough mascara. Now, if you want to highlight the cheekbones, you can choose to use a darker blush on the cheeks. And if what you want is to make the nose look thinner, apply on the side edges darker tonalinades and on the bridge a product that brings some light.



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The dark tones, which remind us of the makeup used in gothic films, are the protagonists of this trend. Eyes, lips, and nails are stained with violets, blues and blacks looking to create an imposing look accompanied by glitter and metallic tones to convey strength and a lot of attitude. However, before using them, it is important to consider the balance between the age of the wearer and the occasion for which it will be used, since the excesses can be unfavorable. That is why the advice is to wear these tones during night events and parties "making sure the quality of makeup, moisturize the skin before applying it, and using a setting product to prevent it from running," says Cadrazco, because obviously with darker colors the smallest mistakecan make the makeup look worn and flat. Equally, it is important to bear in mind that the use of dark lipsticks forces the wearer to use a product that guarantees maximum fixation, because as the hours go by, the dark tones disappear and reveal the natural color of the lips.



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