Colorful socks for men: dare to try them

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Once you put them on, you can not stop using them. This is what you should know about this new, but not so new, trend

Colorful socks for men: dare to try them

Some time ago, male colored socks were imposed. This is more than a seasonal trend. Male fashion has changed and has opened more possibilities. Before, glam and fashion rules dictated that men's socks should be the same color as pants.

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Since formal suits and men's pants, except jeans and sportswear, are mostly dark colors, there has never been much experimentation with male socks. This role was covered by the tie, less obligatory in work places and in label events, which was, before, the masculine garment that could be colorful and with which men could play and take risks.


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New possibilities

Every day, fashion opens up new possibilities for men and women in terms of gender barriers, as these become blurred with the passage of time. With the change of gender paradigms, women's fashion has appropriated many garments that were previously only for men. With this, women have been allowed more comfort and empowered, because approaching in style can be a first step to understand each other as equals.

In this same way, now masculine fashion is also open to experimentation that previously seemed to be a female ground. Men are allowed, in work and formal contexts, to use more color than before and to combine tones and prints with greater freedom. An example of this is the fashion of colored male socks. This trend has been around for a while now and has meant that not only the brands of men's clothing offer this garment in different colors and designs, but also that specialized brands are born to create every so often new patterns for the male stockings.

"From underwear to clothing"

Says Emilio Zalis, owner of the Argentine brand Moul, for the newspaper La Nación: "It is difficult to classify the socks because it is a generic, a basic to which we add value, before they were just to warm your feet, now they are the accessory that define your personality and the risk when it comes to dressing up, we take it from the underwear category to the clothing category, and with that we are proposing that one can dress with an average ". Thus, a garment that previously hid and remained hidden and camouflaged in gray, blue, brown and black, can now define a personal style. The stockings have gone from being a purely utilitarian garment, to being part of men's clothing.

This new experimentation with colors and designs began a long time ago with the stockings of stripes, rhombuses and dots, now the most risky brands produce brightly colored stockings that transcend gender barriers and with designs and prints of fruits, vegetables, references of the pop culture, color patterns, etc. According to Zalis, this trend took longer to reach Latin America because in Europe you can see more risky styles, colors and prints in men's clothing in general. However, for a while now you can see also new combinations in the clothes of men, not only with casual clothing, jeans and sports, but also with classic colors and formal suits.

Given the doors that this trend has opened to men's clothing brands and men in general, this will not be a seasonal issue, but rather a sign of how fashion is changing and shows that men, like women, they can take liberties in their style and break the rules from time to time.


LatinAmerican Post | Juliana Rodríguez

Translated from "Medias masculinas de colores: atrévase a probarlas"