This is how Cristiano Ronaldo is adapting to his new home

CR7 has already been in Turin for a month and this is how he has adapted to what he called "a new stage in my life"

This is how Cristiano Ronaldo is adapting to his new home

At the beginning of July, it became official that Juventus bought Cristiano Ronaldo for the sum of 112 million euros. The player left Real Madrid after having played 438 games in nine years, won 16 trophies, and scored 451 goals.

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After the announcement, the Italian press went mad. Cristiano with the Turinese team shirt were the cover of different sports media. This signing is the most expensive in the Italian league and one of the most expensive for a player of the age of the Portuguese star (33 years). A month ago, Cristiano landed in Turin. This is how Italy has received the player.


This is how the gamer and his family have adapted

Cristiano moved to Turin with his family of eight. His girlfriend, the Spanish Georgina Rodríguez, his mother, Dolores, his sister, his sister-in-law and their four children live with him. The family has arrived with him in his private plane and they have already settled IGNORE INTO the new house, designed to protect their privacy.

Georgina Rodriguez is the mother of the player's fourth daughter and is the most serious relationship he has had after his breakup with Irina Shayk. The Spanish presumes in her social networks the good relationship she has with the other children of the Portuguese player and is always seen in the stadiums supporting her partner.

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According to the website Mundo Deportivo, the star's girlfriend has tripled her Instagram followers in a year and since she moved to Turin she has gained 1.5 million followers. Rodriguez became the most followed Spanish in this social network, so it can be said that she has been well received in the Italian city.

Georgina Rodríguez is an emerging model who worked at a Gucci store in Madrid before meeting her current partner. She has never made a catwalk, but she has been in a couple of covers. The newspaper El País suspects that this change of city may benefit the model's career, since it is a few hours away from Milan, capital of fashion.



The signing of her boyfriend represents for her also a job opportunity and personal growth.

However, since last year, there are rumors about the tense relationship between Dolores, the player's mother, and his girlfriend. These rumors have been revived these days by the behavior of Dolores in social networks, because she likes comments from fans who insult Rodriguez and who insinuate that she is with the player for his money. Cristiano’s mother also follows fan accounts of Irina Shayk, ex-girlfriend of Ronaldo.

The move to the connected but independent villas has also fueled these rumors of a personal conflict in the home of the Portuguese footballer.

For his part, the player's son begins to live for the first time in a city other than Madrid, where he grew up. According to ABC, it is presumed that he will study at the Collegio San Giuseppe, specialized in sports scholarships.

This was the arrival of CR7 in Turin

According to infobae, the online shop of the Turin team was out of service hours after the entry of Cristiano Ronaldo became official. Everyone wanted to have the new 7's shirt. This is why it was no surprise that the player was greeted with a standing ovation from Italian fans on Sunday, July 15, when his private plane landed at the Turin Caselle airport.

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The next day, Italy would officially welcome him. On the morning of Monday, July 16, the player was at J Medical, the clinic of his new team, for his medical examination. In the afternoon, he gave his first press conference as a player of Juventus at the Allianz Stadium. "I am very happy ... it seems that I am starting to play football, I am very motivated, concentrated to be able in a certain way to demonstrate to the Italians that I am a top player," he said.



He also thanked the Madrid fans, but clarified that now he will concentrate on this new stage of his life. Since then, Cistiano lives with his family in two mansions that connect and have independent entrances on a hill in Turin surrounded by trees.

As part of his adaptation process, the player, who scored his first goal with the Turin team's shirt, began to follow on Instagram his new teammates and has stopped following the Real Madrid account.

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