Digital advertising could be our ally

Not everything is bad about the arrival of the digital age, now we can choose what kind of advertising to see

Digital advertising could be our ally

The constant creation of new companies, the continuous political campaigns, the desire to attract more tourists with the promise of an incredible nightlife makes us more and more visually contaminated. The countless billboards, the numerous graffiti, stencils, posters, parades and other advertising, not counting the increasing number of aerial wiring and the buildings lit almost completely 24 hours a day, especially in large cities such as they are Mexico City and São Paulo, they are overstimulating more and more the citizens.

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Visual pollution is not something that is perceived as much as atmospheric pollution. However, there it is, like rubbish stuck in the eye, that although we often do not calculate its negative repercussion, it can cause havoc. Some of its consequences are the probability of vehicular accidents due to distraction, confusion of traffic signs, decrease in the visual quality of the surroundings, alteration of landscapes, disturbance of rest. In the long run, is reflected in a deterioration of health.

Despite being in the era of digital, companies are still betting on the analog, supported by studies of many disciplines, such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, statistics, and economics and market studies. Some of the previous cases, sometimes confirm that physical advertising continues to have a greater impact than digital, but always with a tendency to decrease.

Although in many ways, to get away from reality, distract from real interactions, become slaves to the battery, the digital era is highly criticized and talking about visual pollution, digital could be our best ally.

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Currently, there are many companies that only make their sales through social networks, the only advertising expenses are guidelines on Facebook or Instagram, all potential buyers contact them by WhatsApp and they are still very competitive companies, with a lot of potentials and with growing statistics.

The digital could become an extension of human action if we know how to manage it and if we learn to use it in our favor. Sometimes we can feel very attacked by networks when we receive large amounts of advertising. However, there is a big difference between digital and analog. With the first, we give ourselves the privilege of choosing what we want to see, for how long, if we want to block it, even the algorithms help us a lot by segmenting and placing at our disposal the advertising of topics and products of our interest due to previous purchases. Articles read pages visited, interests shown.

On the other hand, if we walk through the city and we must wait for public transport in a certain location, we must support the publicity that exists in it, if we get on a bus, it is the same, if we go by car and stop at a traffic light, immediately the fence next to us will distract us. The analogous does not give us a wide range of possibilities to say yes, no or at least to segment, as digital does.

the right peopletoAdvances bring many challenges and this is one of them, stop polluting our eyes and take advantage of the resources we have at our disposal to get the right subject.


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