Are you a dog or a cat person? Find out here

Several investigations have concluded that the preference at the time of choosing a pet can reveal different elements of their owners' personality

Are you a dog or cat person? Find out here

Very often we have heard that owners resemble their pets, but how true is this? Several investigations have concluded that the preference for dogs or cats can reveal different elements of the personality.

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According to Marco Moreno, veterinarian specialist in small species, for the newspaper El Comercio, people who prefer dogs have more empathy for social activities such as parties, meetings and make friends more easily.

On the other hand, according to Stanley Coren of the University of British Columbia in Canada, cat lovers tend to be more independent people and are 30% more likely to live alone without other humans in the house. After studying pet preferences among people between 16 and 94 years old, Coren confirmed that, on the contrary, dog lovers want to get married, live in a single-family house and have children.  


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Cats lovers also have a greater appreciation for activities such as art and tend to be more creative, but according to a study in 2010 conducted by Sam Gosling at the University of Texas, Austin, these people are 12% more neurotic than those who prefer dogs as pets. This means that you may lack empathy with the environment and have problems managing your emotions.

In the same study, Gosling found that dog lovers tend to be more oriented toward their goals. The figures revealed that they are 11% more meticulous, which is associated with self-discipline and aiming for success. Also, they like to solve what has to be solved at the right time and not leave everything to the last minute.

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Although it sounds strange, political trends are also reflected in preferences for pets. In a survey, Time magazine showed that liberal people tend to prefer cats, while conservative people prefer to have a dog at home.

Beatrice Alba and Nick Haslamn examined in a study published in the journal Anthrozoos, the relationship of traits associated with social domination with the empathy of people with one or another animal.


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The results, which investigated characteristics associated with interpersonal domination, competitiveness and narcissism, showed that people who prefer cats obtained low scores, which is summarized as not being as dominant as dog lovers.

Finally, psychologist Denise Guastello, of Carroll University, participated in a study that aimed to address the differences in intelligence scores between supporters of one or the other animal. The results showed that the cats lovers have higher IQ than those who prefer a dog.

However, despite the validity of all these studies, it is necessary to inquire more about the cultural factors surrounding the population sample to determine if the results were not affected by other factors beyond the preferences for cats or dogs.


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