Bike shorts: the new summer trend

Bike shorts have imposed themselves this summer in the United States, will they reach Latin America?

Bike shorts: the new summer trend

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Bicycle bikers are undoubtedly the trend that marked the summer. Celebrities and fashion influencers imposed this garment that was first taken to the catwalks and then on the streets. This garment whose function, it could be said, is very clear, it leaves its category of sportswear to be part of casual attire and even formal clothing.

To exercise

Bicycle bikers or bike shorts were a garment mainly of cycling. Athletes who practice this sport need this garment liquefied for comfort and lightness. In addition, as they are fitted to the body, bike shorts will never get tangled with the bicycle mechanism, allowing the cyclist to move quickly and easily. For these same characteristics, the use of this garment has migrated to other sports that also take advantage of it.

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On the catwalk

According to the portal, pilarmode.com, the first signs of this trend took place on the runways of the spring collection this year. Bike shorts made their appearance on catwalks and not with the same colors, fabrics, and textures of the original garments, made for athletes, but with a lot of variety and combined with other outfits.

There are made in jean, a little longer and a little looser. Many of the designer trends remain, however, on the catwalk. It is not the case of this risky garment, which has already been seen on the streets during the summer.



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Street style

Influencers and fashion celebrities have appropriated this trend and use bike shorts not only with sportswear but with casual and formal clothes. Celebrities that dictate fashion like the Kardashian sisters, the Hadid sisters, Kaia Gerber and Hailey Baldwin, and influencers like Reese Blutstein and Courtney Trop flood their Instagram and the streets with different ways of using bikers.

Some even wear sports clothes and tennis, but others do with coats, shirts, and heels, something that had not been seen. This garment has become in the new leggings because what was once sporty and comfortable, is now being used as a garment to dress elegantly in the summer heat.


And in Latin America?

While this risky garment can already be seen on the streets of New York and Europe, almost has not been seen in Latin America. It may influence that in this continent, countries that have stations, are in winter and not in summer. With respect to others, they have not had the abrupt change felt in Europe and the United States. On the other hand, although it has already transcended the catwalk, this type of trends tend to stay among celebrities, who can take risks, but do not reach the majority of the population, or arrive mutated. We will have to wait to see if this garment takes the summer of the southern cone later this year.


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