Everything you need to know about Ozuna’s new album

On August 24th, Ozuna released his new album Aura and it is expected to be a hit

Everything you need to know about Ozuna’s new album

Aura is the artist's second album. The first, Odyssey (Odisea), is from last year and was a success. All the songs were hits and were at the top of the most listened.

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Now, Ozuna comes with Aura, of which we already knew a couple of songs that already had videos and sounded on stations and at parties.



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On August 24th, the artist released Aura. This album has 20 songs, of which 11, more than half, are collaborations.

They are:

  • "Vaina loca", with Manuel Turizo
  • "Quiero más", with Wisin y Yandel
  • "Ibiza", with Romeo Santos
  • "Pasado y presente"  y "Supuestamente", with Anuel AA
  • "Sígueme los pasos", with J Balvin y Natti Natasha
  • "Cuéntame", with Akon
  • "Haciéndolo", con Nicky Jam
  • "La modelo", with Cardi B
  • "Besos mojados", with RKM  $ Ken Y
  • y el remix de su éxito "Unica", with Anuel AA y Wisin y Yandel

Of all these we already knew three. "La modelo" was the first single from this album and it came out in December of last year. It is in collaboration with the American rapper Cardi B, who sings in English and Spanish during the song.

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The video takes place in Jamaica and shows a class meeting between a model in a mansion (Cardi B) and a neighborhood boy (Ozuna). Then, in April of this year, we heard 'Unica' for the first time on radio and parties.

Finally, in June he released 'Vaina loca', also written in collaboration with Manuel Turizo, which will be part of the soundtrack of the movie 'Que león'. Now, he brings us these other 17 tracks.


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Who is Ozuna?

With just 19 years old, Ozuna started making music in 2012 with the name of J OZ. Then in 2015, he started playing on the radio with 'If your husband does not love you' (Si tu esposo no te quiere) and later with 'La rompecorazones'.

In 2017, Ozuna released his first album, Odyssey (Odisea), which maddened Latin America and the world. Almost all the songs on this album were hits. Whoever listens to this album will recognize most of the songs, as they all played on all the stations.

This album features collaborations with J Balvin ('Quiero repetir'), Nicky Jam ('Cumpleaños'), Zion & Lenox ('Egoísta'), De La Guetto ('Pide lo que tú quieras') and Anuel AA ('Bebé'). However, Ozuna is not just a collaborative artist, his songs like 'Tu foto', 'Se preparó' and 'Sigue bailando' were the ones most played. This year, Ozuna will make his debut in the cinema, since he will act in the Dominican film 'Que León'.



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What's next for Ozuna?

The Dominican film 'Que León', directed by Frank Perozo and with Ozuna as the protagonist, will premiere on November 29 in Latin American cinemas. In addition, the artist has been on tour promoting 'Aura' in Europe and in September the 'Aura world Tour' will begin in the United States.

Ozuna has posted on his Instagram a photo with Selena Gomez, DJ Snake, and Cardi B announcing a new project together and generating expectation among their fans. Do not stay without listening 'Aura'!



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