Are you tired of traditional chargers? These are 6 wireless options

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Currently, the market has many wireless charging options. Here, we present a collection of the best for your smartphone

Are you tired of traditional chargers? These are 6 wireless options

Charging cell phones wirelessly is becoming increasingly popular: basically, Qi technology is used, which allows electricity to be transferred through waves, so that the receiver device is charged and, thus, avoid the constant damage of long wire.

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Currently, the market has many wireless charging options, so here we present a collection of the best for Android and Apple:

1. ESR wireless charger: recommended by Softonic, this charger of only 80 grams and a thickness of 8 millimeters, it is easy to transport. It has a price of 10 euros (11.68 USD) and incorporates a LED indicator to show that the mobile phone is charging correctly and a surface that allows the attachment of the device made of rubber.

2. HyperCube: according to the daily meter, this wireless charger can charge up to three Qi-enabled devices at the same time and has more than 13 intelligent functions. The HyperCube is compatible with the new iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, Galaxy, G6, and Android and it s priced at $ 99 dollars.

3. Samsung Charger: The PG920 wireless charger is a guarantee and good performance seal. It is available in various colors, including glass effect, and weighs only 87 grams. Its price is 42 dollars.

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4. IDMIX: it is often believed that wireless is equal to zero cables, but some of the chargers of this type use much smaller wires and are easier to transport. However, with the IDMIX, the device should not be connected to any power source and will have one of the fastest upload speeds on the market for both Apple and Android devices.

5. WOFALO: this charger is specially designed for your car and is compatible with almost any device that incorporates Qi technology. It has a weight of only 90 grams and incorporates a support that guarantees that it will not fall while driving. In addition, it is 1.4 times faster than the standard charger for your cell phone. Its price is about $ 26 dollars and you can connect it to any air outlet of your car.

6. PowerDock: it is a larger device, on average, than other wireless chargers. Its difference is that, in addition to offering a completely wireless experience, it also has built-in cable charging for other devices such as video game consoles, tablets, and even laptops, so you can load up to 5 devices simultaneously.


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