Indoor Skydiving: a sport dominated by a teenager

The Polish Maja Kuczyńska with only 18 years of age, is the world youth champion of the "Wind Tunnel" or also known as indoor skydiving

Indoor Skydiving: a sport dominated by a teenager

Indoor skydiving is a growing sport that emerges from classic skydiving. The indoor skydiving at the moment has a European queen: Maja Kuczyńska, who is only 18 years old and is considered the child prodigy. For this reason, it is convenient to ask, Who is Maja Kuczyńska? What is indoor skydiving? How did this sport start? And where can you practice?

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Who is Maja Kuczyńska?

According to the German chain Deutsche Welle, Kuczyńska is an 18-year-old polish girl who lives in the south-west of the country. She started in sports when she got out of an airplane for the first time at the age of 12, carrying a parachute. As she grew up her father took her to the wind tunnels (as seen below) because it was cheaper to pay 15 minutes on one of these machines than to do all the economic and physical deployment to practice classic skydiving.



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Now, all that practice and luck, because the sport is new, Kuczyńska could be crowned as the new indoor parachute youth champion in August 2018 which happens every year. According to this German network, the Polish woman, at her young age, is an expert in the subject. That's why she no longers a coach, she is her own coach:

"I no longer need a coach, I invent my own routines. The people who are in the chasm of this sport are the best judges to assess what works, " the young woman told Deutsche Welle.



Una publicación compartida de Maja Kuczynska (@kuczynska.maja) el


However, practicing this sport is a little expensive, it is not for everyone since practicing for 15 minutes in the wind tunnel can cost around 80 dollars and there are not many places to find them. At the end of all this, Maja is considered the European prodigy woman in this sport and has not yet reached the middle of her career.

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What is Indoor Skydiving?

Indoor Skydiving is one of the new sports that are taking over the world. Indoor skydiving is a modality that unfolds from classic skydiving, but this is practiced in a wind tunnel.

As explained by the company Windoor, the wind tunnels consist of closed cabins of approximately 16 meters that have wind flows of up to 300 kilometers per hour. In addition, the same company adds that the turbines were created essentially to test new technologies at the time of being incorporated into aircraft. Likewise, there are other vertical tunnels that serve to practice the bombings:

"While horizontal tunnels have been used for aerodynamics, as well as for the automotive industry, verticals were invented to perfect the design of drop bombs, aerodynamic research on certain aspects of flight (dive bombing) to improve aircraft in conditions of loss (stall) and, finally, as in our case, for training parachutists," said Windoor.



Una publicación compartida de Maja Kuczynska (@kuczynska.maja) el


Moreover, some researchers have pointed out that the Luftwaffe, the remembered Nazi aviation, was so famous and innovative in its time by the use of these devices to predict, practice and plan all types of German fighters at the time of its creation, according to the Gizmodo specialized magazine.

On the other hand, the vertical tunnels of winds are those used to practice Indoor Skydiving because its manufacture allows creating a stability for the objects or people that are put in the tunnels, allowing athletes to perform skydiving and skating maneuvers in their cabins.

Is there a training camp in Latin America?

Unfortunately not. As previously stated, the wind chambers were created to test new technologies of commercial and military aircraft, and after these uses said machines have been used to practice this sport; therefore, these technologies are found in countries that have a large aviation industry such as the United States and Europe.


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