This association supports Colombian artisans

Crafts require attention and support from different entities that help to contribute to their development

This association supports Colombian artisans

Handicraft, having its origin in the manual arts and these practiced through the centuries, is ancestral and is an important part of the communities. In Colombia, there are many artisans who with their hands take care and keep alive the manual artistic traditions that for years have passed from generation to generation.

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This is the case of the Arte Misak Association (Asociación Arte Misak ), which groups approximately 50 artisan families from the municipality of Silvia, located in the central mountain range of Colombia, specifically in the department of Cauca. This association is made up of women artisans, who by joining their efforts around their skill for weaving make evident the knowledge and wisdom transmitted by their ancestors.



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Entities such as Artesanías de Colombia aim to work for the artisans of the country and thus promote progress in this artistic sector. By progressing, an integral development is achieved and it is reflected in the improvement of the standard of living with the increase of income and spaces of social participation, productivity and positioning of Colombian handicrafts at the local, regional, national, and international levels.

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Within the portfolio offered by this entity is SIART, in Spanish (Information System for Crafts). This is mainly the channel that allows the artisan sector and related agents to interact through the internet to improve their competitiveness significantly.

The services offered in this system are several, among them are:

  • Artisanal Gallery
  • Online store
  • Projects
  • Calls to Fairs
  • Calendar
  • Directory and Chat

All of them with the purpose of benefiting the dynamics of buying and selling unique and unrepeatable pieces for the meaning they have for those who made them as honor to their ancestors.



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Of the services offered, all are indispensable, but especially the Projects, because it allows artisans to generate a profile in which they can register their needs and from there be included in the "bank of institutional projects" of Artesanías de Colombia, to be executed with resources of the PGN (General Budget of the Nation). Their purpose is to contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of the country.

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Translated from "Este es el sistema que apoya a los artesanos colombianos !Conócelo!"

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