Venezuela is warned: military intervention is not ruled out

In the General Assembly of United Nations, the possibility of a military intervention in Venezuela was discussed

On the United Nations General Assembly, yesterday, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, took the opportunity to threaten Venezuela again with a military intervention and ensure that "it is a regime that frankly, could be defeated very quickly if the military decides to do that".

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For his part, Vice President Mike Pence encouraged the idea of ​​a possible conflict, following the military deployment that began yesterday on the border line dividing Venezuela and Colombia.

According to the newspaper La FM, the "Comprehensive Combined Strategic Operation" was created under the argument of combating illegal activities, just after the US Treasury imposed sanctions against the wife of Nicolás Maduro, Cilia Flores, three ministers close to his government, and Diosdado Cabello.

"We are deploying troops to make a general recognition of the whole area, as part of the strategic, combined, integral operation", said General Remigio Ceballos, head of Venezuela's strategic command.

"Let me be clear, the United States will always be on the side of our allies for its security and the Maduro regime would do well not to test the determination of the president of the United States or the American people", Pence told on Twitter.

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Answering to thse declarations, the Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jorge Arreaza, assured at a press conference at the UN headquarters that in case of a foreign "intervention", his country would defend itself: "the example of Vietnam would not be enough". "Be aware, that our Bolivarian National Armed Forces, that our people, our militias would know how to resist, would know how to defend themselves."

In addition, he accused the United States and other governments of encouraging a "coup d'état" against Venezuela. "What President Trump lacked in his speech (...) was to take the UN Charter and break it, burn it. They agree that there should be military coups, that there be bloodshed, that there be death, assassination".

According to El País, the meeting also announced a new aid package of 48 million dollars for Latin American countries that receive Venezuelan refugees and migrants, so the total amount of US assistance reaches 95 million.

How did this situation arise?

On September 18 of this year, Francisco Santos, Colombia's ambassador to Washington, said that a collective response by Colombia to the migratory crisis was necessary instead of "unilateral military operations", although he pointed out that all options should be considered.

In addition, Maduro has repeatedly said that the Colombian government is creating false positives to justify a military intervention in Venezuela". They are engaged in a campaign of escalation and aggression against Venezuela, but they do not have the support of public opinion and the armed forces of Colombia (...) are enemies of regional peace and of Venezuela, we must assume it in a clear and serene way", said the president.


LatinAmerican Post | Luisa Fernanda Báez
Translated from "Venezuela está advertida: no se descarta la intervención militar"