Mexico: What is the Government doing about floods in Sinaloa?

The Tropical Depression 19-E has left hundreds of families affected in Sinaloa and other states in the north of the country. What actions has the Government taken about this emergency?

Mexico: What is the Government doing about floods in Sinaloa?

Since Thursday, September 20, several states in northern Mexico, such as Michoacán, Durango, Chiapas and especially Sinaloa, have been affected by floods as a result of heavy rains. In view of this situation, the Mexican Government activated, from the very moment in which the emergency occurred, a protocol for attention to the victims, which highlights the authorization of several shelters to receive the affected people; as well as collection centers to receive and store basic aids, food and other assistance elements.

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In these actions, institutions such as the Secretariat of the Interior and the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico have worked together with the support of the Mexican Red Cross. The Government of the State of Sinaloa has joined the Secretariats of the Interior and Navy, which, in addition to the shelters and collection centers, has installed community kitchens that have also helped the victims of the rains.

This is the attention to the emergency currently

After five days of attention, the Secretariat of the Interior informed in a press release that, in order to meet the needs of the affected population as a result of theTropical Depression 19-E, actions have been strengthened and carried out in what is currently considered the "recovery stage" of this contingency. In addition, it was noted in the same statement that:

  • "The deployment of federal forces continues, in coordination with state and municipal authorities, to support the work of health, safety, delivery of supplies and reestablishment of basic services. Therefore, together with the more than 1,650 federal elements working from in the first hours of the emergency, 587 troops from the Ministry of National Defense have been added.
  • The aircraft of the Secretariats of National Defense and of the Navy, as well as of the Federal Police and the Attorney General's Office, remain in operation for the tasks of distributing essential supplies to the affected persons.
  • The Federal Electricity Commission restored the electricity service to 100% of the affected customers. The potable water service is operating at 75 percent, so the National Water Commission continues to work so that the population has the supply as soon as possible. In addition, it maintains operations to provide potable water through tankers in those communities that require it.
  • For its part, the Ministry of Health has installed in the city of Los Mochis the Operational Command for Health Security, from where it coordinates vector control actions, sanitation and medical care brigades.
  • The Ministry of Social Development continues with the Immediate Temporary Employment Program (PETI) and instructed the execution of support programs for affected municipalities. In coordination with the state authorities, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation is working on the rehabilitation of the sections of roads and bridges that affected them, in order to restore the infrastructure as soon as possible."

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico keeps the Marine Plan active, which was designed to act in a timely manner in case of emergencies and natural disasters. This is explained in a press release, which mentions that this is contributing to the federal, state and municipal operational deployment in activities to serve the population.

Finally, and considering the risk still in force due to the continuity of heavy rains, the Navy of Mexico recommends smaller vessels to avoid going to sea, and the population to stay informed of the recommendations issued by the National Maritime Authority and Civil Protection.

What caused the flood?

Several states of Mexico have been hit by a winter wave, a phenomenon characterized by heavy rains. This has caused significant material damage and has left hundreds of families affected, as well as several people dead and missing.

According to him National Meteorological Service of Mexico (SMN), the rains that affect Sinaloa and other Mexican States are produced by an area of ​​instability in the Pacific Ocean. The SMN specialists explain that this phenomenon corresponds to a pattern that is repeated every 100 years, warning that the rains may last longer, as they themselves have predicted.


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