Are you pregnant? Don't change your closet! Follow these tips

With pregnancy, your body and style also make a change. But everything is not lost. Here we tell you what is trending

Are you pregnant? Don't change your closet! Follow these tips

The female body changes during pregnancy, there is no doubt about it. Not only the volume of the baby occupies the belly, but the hips are also widened, also are the ankles too, feeling uncomfortable is easier, etc. Thus, during pregnancy, the closet must be renewed.

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But that's is not the reason why you have to wear the typical giant shirt to feel more at ease. There are many options to continue looking elegant and comfortable and not abandon your style. Maternal fashion, in fact, is an issue that brands and design houses are increasingly taking IGNORE INTO account. Here we tell you some things to keep in mind.

What is fashionable?

During the nineties, the trends in maternal fashion were to cover your belly or hide it, but nowadays forget about it! Now, fashion is to wear it with pride, since wearing the body in all its forms is also a form of feminine empowerment. Even among celebrities, the tendency now is to wear tight clothes to show off your pregnancy.

Of course, you should always keep in mind being comfortable, so it is advisable to use cotton wool because it is soft and will not mistreat the skin of the belly. This can sometimes be more comfortable than wide garments, as the shirts or dresses liquefied adapt to your body.



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Carissa Alvarado, a fashion blogger, and singer says that jumpsuits have been her favorite companions during pregnancy. Nineties coveralls have returned and are now trend. And maternal fashion is not far behind, it has found in this garment and its derivatives a comfortable option for pregnant women. Some jumpsuits come with a zipper or brooch to separate the top from the bottom for greater manageability of the garment.



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Do I have to buy everything new?

No, you don't! Pregnancy can be a pretext to give new life to clothes that you have not used for a while. In fact, although the trend is tight clothing, not because of this should be discarded the wide garments. Some moms do not disguise the pregnancy, but they show it with pride. This is why you can dust off that bag from the university that you used to sleep before and use it now with some culottes , a garment that is also the trend.



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It is also time to wear that long and wide dress that made you look tiny because you can wear it with pregnancy. The advantage of this garment is that in addition to comfortable (to go to the bathroom does not represent any mess), no matter what size you are or how many sizes increase during the months of pregnancy, for the very essence of the dress, will adapt to the growth of your body, so you'll have style during the nine months. As you can see, many trends from the past have come back to make life more comfortable, so you can renew the closet by going back to your nineties clothes.




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From head to toe

As we said, the belly is not the only thing that widens during pregnancy: your feet and ankles will get tired more easily due to the weight you will gain and they will also widen a little. This is why the use of heels is not recommended. But for this reason, the tendency of mules or Swedish shoes is so convenient.

These shoes will make you feel in slippers and you can use them totally flat or with a very little heel. As they expose the ankle and the heel, they will adapt to the change of your body and will not squeeze your foot. They are a perfect combination with your culottes, your wide dress or your jumpsuit.

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