Did journalism ruin Pekerman, Messi, and Femexfut?

There are several cases of Latin American media that are protagonists of the decisions that have to do with the internal organization of football

Journalism moves Latin American football

On September 4, José Néstor Pékerman said goodbye to the Colombian national soccer team, after six and a half years of work with the 'coffee' team. Two World Cups played and a third place in the FIFA ranking are some of the achievements that the Argentine achieved with Colombia.

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"Blindó the selection of leeches and pimps"

Although the exact reasons for his decision are not known, it is believed that the departure of 'Don José' from the Colombian bench had much to do with the battle that the media imposed on him from the beginning.

Since he arrived, the Argentine strategist defined what his interests were: to classify Colombia to the World Cup in Brazil 2014 and not to polarize the country around this goal; something that involved the media. As mentioned by sports journalist César Augusto Londoño, on Twitter, when the technician resigned: "the Pékerman era ended, a successful, serious DT (...) that shielded the selection of leeches and pimps"; words that surely include people like Carlos Antonio Vélez, one of the most important communicators in Colombia.



Is that, as the columnist Iván Gallo wrote in Las 2 Orillas "Don Bolillo (Hernán Gómez) had him badly used. Besides telling him Doctor (to Vélez) (...) he opened the doors of the dressing room and gave chivas to the self-described analyst number one of Colombian soccer. With the arrival of Pékerman he ran out of those perks. Nobody called him, nobody told him doctor "

Added to his bad relationship with "fat cows" of journalism, such as Vélez, according to the KienyKe portal, there were also the constant complaints and demands of the press in general towards his work and his technical team, which made Pékerman not only rant of the journalistic exercise in Colombia, but it will end its relationship with the Colombian Football Federation (FCF).

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The Argentine case

Similar events are those that have occurred in Argentina, but this time with the players involved, especially, Lionel Messi; and with the journalist Martín Liberman. In repeated occasions, Liberman has been critical of Messi in the selection, celebrating, even, the participation of the crack of FC Barcelona and "his companions" in the two friendlies that Argentina played in September. "I do not give a damn about his motives, but what a joy it is not to see them anymore", is one of the many reactions with which the Argentine has shown his disdain.



Una publicación compartida de futboldelocura (@futboldelocura1) el


Now, Martín has not been the only member of the Argentine press that has resisted to continue with this process. Several colleagues demanded the resignation of players such as Ángel Di María and Sergio Agüero accusing "a dictatorship" by them in the election and organization of the same federation.

For example, in an edition of Fox Radio Sur, Federico Bulos, explicitly demanded the departure of each and every one of the players who were part of the roster that played the Copa Centenario, in 2016, if they did not draw Argentina. champion; request that several of his set partners supported. Finally, Argentina was not a champion, so the criticism did not stop.

Therefore, a publication on Twitter by Gabriel Anello against the player Ezequiel Lavezzi, in which he accused him of ingesting psychoactive substances in the middle of the rally for the elimination game against Colombia, in 2016, was what ended up provoking the reaction Angrily Messi and the other 26 players who participated in the call.

"We have taken the decision not to talk to the press anymore ... There were many accusations, many disrespect. The accusations made against 'Pocho' (Lavezzi) are very serious (...) We know that there are many of you who are not in that game of disrespect. But we prefer to cut this, " explained 'Lio' during the posthumous press conference to the 3-0 victory for the Colombians. With all this, one question remains: did the Argentine press have to do with the famous "renovation" that is planned for its selection?

Televisa and Femexfut

Mexico has also suffered this problem. According to several ex-leaders of the Mexican Football Federation (FEMEXFUT O FMF), the sports organization is not the one that has precisely control over its decisions.

" As long as Televisa manages Mexican soccer it will be stagnating. They are owners, they run the Mexican Football Federation, the President is Televisa, the second is on them. They make the contract, they sign it and those who order the contract " , were the strong accusations that the former president of the Mexican federation, Emilio Maurer, made in conversation with En Claro Sports.


'Directives fear Televisa'

Do not miss the EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Emilio Maurer https://t.co/MUJnMlBjlB pic.twitter.com/OR3xg3BlQb


On the other hand, in defense of this type of accusations, the current president of the FMF, Yon de Luisa, "categorically denied having a relationship with Televisa to make decisions as president of the organization," MARCA reported; In addition, De Luisa assured that his "charge for no reason was imposed by an owner or clubs . " Who to believe? Maurer, who paid prison, according to him, for not fulfilling Televisa's expectations; or the incumbent president in the federation, who, surely, does everything possible to preserve his position without major inconvenience?


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