Age doesn't matter! The oldest soccer fans

Age has not stopped these fans from supporting their favorite teams. Here you can find who they are

Age doesn't matter! The oldest soccer fans

Being fans of a sport, and therefore a team, is something that we have deeply rooted in our culture. Normally, since we were kids society teach us to feel "the fever" and the excitement of seeing our favorite team in action, regardless of whether it is a soccer, basketball, baseball or football team. The passion, joy and feeling that comes from accompanying the team will always be like the first time.

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For that reason, in LatinAmerican Post we present you seven fans who despite the passage of time did not stop supporting their team unconditionally.

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Vera Cohen and Olivia Halon

On September 15, and before the soccer match between Manchester City and Fulham team at the Etihad Stadium, 102-years-old Vera Cohen was introduced to the world. Since 1930, Cohen is fan of the Manchester City. That day, she was accompanied by his sister Olivia Halon, 98, who is also a fan.

Speaking to the BBC, Cohen said that Pep Guardiola "is incredible, there is something in him that brings out the best in the players, I hope he stays forever."

"Don Lucas"

The oldest fan of the Peruvian club Alianza Lima was "Don Lucas", grandfather of goalkeeper Leao Butrón. Born in 1915, Lucas was only 3 years old when the club won its first title in 1918. In addition, throughout his life he witnessed the 23 titles that the team won, the last one was in 2017.

Unfortunately, Butrón announced on his social networks that at 103 years old "Don Lucas" had died. "103 years of love, of teaching us the real value of everything, of the important things in life, the family!"

Gladys Kenney

Despite seeing his team lose several championships, falling to the second division and even losing sight, Glady Kenney never stopped supporting his team, Leicester City. Kenney started to follow the club since 1949.

In 2016, Gladys had the opportunity to present, for the first time in club history, the Premier League trophy to team captain Wes Morgan. At the time, Kenney introduced it at the age of 97 years in front of 32,000 spectators.

Andrés Avelino Pfuyo

Don Andrés Avelino is the oldest fan of the Peruvian team. He is 106 years old and last July he had the opportunity to tour the National Stadium, accompanied by his grandchildren and thanks to the Peruvian Institute of Sports (IPD, by its acronym in Spanish). Don Andrés told the Institute that "since I was a kid I liked sports, until today too ... (...) I always went to the stadium whenever I had left."

He also added that his favorite player is Paolo Guerrero, who is for him "a true warrior", and in front of the stadium he said it was "cool, beautiful (...) I would never have thought to see modern things," he concluded.

Facundo Vega

In February of this year, the Chilean Facundo Vega turned 100 years old and one of his birthday wishes was to meet Esteban Paredes, forward of the Chilean soccer team, Colo-Colo.

Vega said to the newspaper La Cuarta that he became a team fan because "it is the team of the people, the most popular club there, and since you worked as a worker all your life, you had to look for something from the town, and what better than Colo Colo." The team upon hearing the interview did everything in their power so that Facundo met his idol.


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Translated from "¡La edad no importa! Los hinchas más viejos en el fútbol"

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