"Radical women": the art against female repression arrives to Sao Paulo

The exhibition "Radical Women" arrives in Brazil with works by 120 artists from 15 Latin American countries

"Radical women": art against female repression arrives in Sao Paulo

Until November 19, Sao Paulo's Pinacotheca will host the collection of works by 120 Latin American artists and collectives from 15 countries. Having more than 280 pieces of photography and video among other experimental media. The exhibition called "Radical Women" is a compilation of works between 1960 and 1985.

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Time in which women, in search of a vindication used art, playing another role within a highly militarized and religious society. This is the expression of artists against the power of patriarchy and the repression of the female body at the time that military dictatorships marked the history of different countries of this continent.



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The condition of dictatorship did not come alone to the countries that suffered it, violence and torture were cruelties that were experienced in that period. The response of these women is the key because, through their pieces, they contributed to the language of contemporary art, which is what was emerging at the time.

In the sample not only is feminism and political resistance as the central axis, since you can also find humor, poetry, irony and speaks of that precise moment in which the woman demands another role, another place for herself.



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Based on the hypothesis of the notion of the female body as a political tool to challenge the dominant stereotypes and established art canons, this exhibition is the result of a nearly 10-year research on Latin American women's freedom movements carried out by Cecilia Fajardo Gil (with Venezuelan and British ancestry) and Andrea Giunta (with Italian and Argentinian origin).

Many of the artists who made this exhibition did not openly declare themselves as feminists since they did not have congruence with the sentiment of the left against imperialism, because in Latin America at that time it was considered a bourgeois ideology brought from abroad.

However, exposure of "Radical Women" not only summarized in political and feminist activism but it also seeing how women interpret and feel their bodies, thinking how difficult it is to adapt to the stereotypes of beauty that society aspires. This show has been carried out previously in cities such as Los Angeles at the Hammer Museum and the Brooklyn Museum in New York.


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Translated from: '"Mujeres radicales": el arte contra la represión femenina llega a Sao Paulo'

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