Marketing rather than Boxing? The encounter between Mayweather and Pacquiao

The announcement of a possible second fight between the two fighters is more linked to the marketing of the protagonists rather than the sport

Marketing rather than Boxing? The encounter between Mayweather and Pacquiao

On Instagram, Mayweather said he would fight again against the aforementioned Filipino boxer in the month of December, while he accompanies him in the video. As expected, Las Vegas bookmakers reacted with immediacy and placed Mayweather as the 2-1 favorite to credit the hypothetical match, according to Primerahora.com.

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The textual words of Mayweather were, according to the same media: "I come back to fight against Manny Pacquiao this year. Another nine-digit bag is coming." Undoubtedly, that the rematch between the two would generate expectation, but in sports, based on some realities, it may not be the same.


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Mayweather retired undefeated as a professional boxer and after 50 fights (27 knockouts), including the most recent against Connor McGregor. However, he accumulates a year without going to the ring, and, as if that were not enough, he already is 41 years old. The 500 million dollars he won for the two promoted fights against Pacquiao in 2015 and McGregor in 2017 were more news than the fights as such, according to Primerahora.com.

If we go to Pacquiao's side, which according to Espn.com has a record of 60 wins, seven draws and two losses with 39 KO, the Asian boxer will turn 40 in December. Pacquiao, comes from two fights of "little time" before the unknown Jeff Horn, from Australia, with whom he lost, to then beat another unknown, in this case, the Argentine Lucas Matthysse. It does not seem to be the best moment of their careers nor are they already the two most influential boxers in the circuit.

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Rematch for whom?

Boxeo de Colombia published the statements of Pacquiao, the defeated in the first fight, after being questioned about a possible rematch. "There is nothing concrete, I will continue negotiating. We are still talking. I want to return to the ring to face it, more now that I have the belt ", to then recognize that the idea was born in Japan: " We saw each other at an event and everyone told us it would be a great fight. It's true".

Meanwhile, the Filipino prepares the fight with which he will defend his welterweight title of the World Boxing Association (WBA), and among possible rivals, Amir Khan, Terence Crawford and Adrien Broner are mentioned.

Floyd also has another fight on the horizon and is that before the hypothetical fight against Pacquiao, the plan would be another fight. According to a video uploaded by TMZ. "I know you all found out about the fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao, but before the rematch between Mayweather and Pacquiao, I'll be back in Tokyo for a big boxing event. Stay tuned," were the statements collected by ESPN.

The aforementioned media puts on the table another powerful reason for the Filipino to be interested in a fight for revenge and it is his financial situation. It is presumed that he owes tens of millions of dollars to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), an agency that collects taxes.

"We can not say when or exactly on what date He wants to fight and challenge me, he wants to get my belt At this moment, we are negotiating and hoping to finish that I am always available to him It is important as we have outstanding issues. waiting for a long time," Pacquiao told ESPN and ABC News.

Primera Hora remembers how disappointing the first Mayweather-Pacquiao was, celebrated in May 2015. A lot of publicity and a record 4.6 million subscribers of the Pay Per View broadcast. In sports little and nothing. Mayweather 'danced' in the ring while the Filipino barely counted 81 effective punches, alluding after his poor performance to a shoulder injury.

Finally, Mdzol.com, informed that since Pacquiao is a senator in the Philippines, his free time to prepare and participate in the fight would be between November and December, since in these next months he will have to be present in the discussions about the budgets of his country.



Just for the show?

Univision showed the statements of the well-known boxing promoter Bob Arum, who did not show interest in a possible rematch between the aforementioned characters. According to Arum, who is also president of the promoter Top Rank, a fight between the two at their ages, have no case.

"I like Manny, and if there is a chance that he can earn a good amount of money it's fine, but I'm not thrilled by the fact that two old guys get IGNORE INTO the ring and fight long after their time to sell," he said. the leader in the Sirius XM Boxing Radio chain, and in statements compiled by the already named international channel.

"If Mayweather and Pacquiao want to do it again, and for the rest of their lives because they know they can generate money from it, who am I to say no?" Yes, I will not take part in it, " Arum concluded, according to Univisión.


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