This is AMLO’s strategy for not constructing the border wall

The possession of Andrés López Obrador is approaching, the latent question is: What will happen to the wall under construction between Mexico and the United States?

This is AMLO's strategy for not constructing the border wall

Some statements from both Obrador and Donald Trump hint  what will happen with the construction of the wall. In addition, the Mexican president wants to maintain a close diplomatic relationship with his US counterpart. Let's see what happened:

Diplomatic relation?

The new president-elect in Mexico, Andrés López Obrador, gave his first statements about the wall in September when the United States began to build part of the wall on the edges of Texas.

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His first words on this subject were conciliatory and diplomatic. The political scientist said he did not want to refer to the issue of the wall in order not to cause any political friction between these fraternal states, without having even positioned as president. The Spanish newspaper El País captured his words:

"I hope that a good relationship with the United States Government will be maintained. We must convince them that the migratory problem is not resolved by building walls or using force, but it is a diplomatic task, respect, we are not going to fight with the United States Government, we are not going to fight with President Donald Trump. "


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And it seems that this conciliatory position is working. In the first week of October, López Obrador assured that there will be a climate of respect between him and Donald Trump to favor the two nations.

In fact, Obrador assured that the negotiations of the USMCA (United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement) came to fruition due to the relationship of trust between the two leaders. Also, according to the Telemundo network, this Latin American leader has given a piece of tranquility to his people: "They are going to see how we are going to have a good relationship with the US Government and with the peoples and governments of the world."

Donald Trump Threatens Government Closure

The last negotiations of the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) between Mexico and the United States were held on October 2, on this same day the US president said that the financing of the wall was within the agreements. However, he did not elaborate on this matter. The words of the president, reports El Periódico, were the following:

"Yes, it was. We talked about it with Mexico. It was a big part, and it came to certain things, certain understandings. Although at the same time, we do not want to mix too much (commercial issues with border issues) "

On the other hand, beyond whether the wall was discussed or not, the American tycoon is having some problems with his Congress. The representative of the Americans has always affirmed that the wall will be financed by the Mexican, but his statements are more focused on the American in reality. Why?

It is enough just to see the political commotion that crosses the USA by the threat of a closing of Government of the United States in which, according to the portal The Balance, happens when neither the Congress nor the president find common points in front of the decisions of financing and, consequently, all public services are suspended except those essential for human life. This has only happened a few times, the last happened in 2013.

Why would this happen? Well, this time this political figure would be used by the president (the only one who can invoke it) because the Congress in Washington did not approve the necessary funds to continue the construction of the wall. This determination filled the genius of Donald Trump who asked on Twitter. Where are the resources for border security and the construction of the wall?



On the other hand, it is interesting to ask: Why does the New Yorker request money from the Congress, when he publicly says that the wall will be paid by the Mexican government?



What can be expected from López Obrador and his actions in front of the wall?

With the aforementioned statements, it can be inferred that the president-elect of Mexico wishes to act with caution and diplomacy, for which reason he has refrained from giving statements about the wall. However, it does not seem that he had many options because the most viable one he has at this moment is not to do what Trump so desires: that Mexico pays the wall.

However, it has something in its favor. The United States Congress is the one who has financed it so far, responding to Trump's call to strengthen border security.  


LatinAmerican Post | Miguel Díaz

Translated from: 'Así evtaria AMLO la construcción del muro'

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