WeTrade: The first LGTBI+ business fair in Colombia

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On November 1st and 2nd, the first LGBTI+ business and opportunities fair in the country will be held in Colombia and the largest, so far, in Latin America

WeTrade: The first LGTBI+ business fair in Colombia

WeTrade fair, aimed at the LGTBI+ community, which, according to El Tiempo, makes up 6.8% of inhabitants in the country, that is, 3.4 million inhabitants, will be held on the third floor of the International Center of Conventions Ágora, of Bogotá. There it is expected to receive approximately 3,000 people between November 1st and 2nd of this year.

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According to the portal of the Chamber of Colombian LGBT Traders (CCLGBTCO), the event will be carried out from 3 main lines: an academic agenda, a job fair, and a commercial sample. The event will feature the participation of more than 50 national and international companies and the participation of 17 speakers, including some representatives of the United Nations, the marketing agency NYC & Company and the Government of Miami (USA).

In addition, the fair is supported by organizations such as the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) and the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA).



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A sector that pursues particular preferences

Likewise, the CCLGBTCO states that "sectors such as health, welfare, tourism, entities, gastronomy, media, weddings, fashion, and personal care will have an important space at the fair that seeks to make visible the needs, preferences, and lifestyles of the members of the LGBT, segment. In addition to generating spaces to strengthen the economic and social sphere, and thus promote business opportunities around Inclusion and Diversity. "

The Trade Fair will be open to the public from 11 in the morning and will feature live performances by different artists. The entry will be free with prior registration through the website wetrade.cclgbt.co

A private effort

The fair is organized by the LGBT Chamber of Merchants of Colombia, an organization founded in 2012 with the support of the United States Embassy in Colombia, private companies such as Aviatur, Hilton, Paul Ferrer, Diageo, Theatron, Colombia Diversa, and independent entrepreneurs.

According to the portal Confidencial Colombia, the organization currently "has 150 affiliated companies that bill more than 40,000 million pesos a year (about 13 million dollars)."

For his part, Felipe Cárdenas, president of the organization, and expert in Foreign Trade and Commercial Evolution of organizations points out that the Colombian LGBT Chamber of Merchants is a private and non-profit organization, whose purpose is to "strengthen and to economically and socially empower the LGBTI community in the country. "

Cárdenas also pointed out that the event arises as a result of the success obtained as a result of four previous international summits, which had the same name. Cárdenas affirms for the page of the CCLGBTCO that "During these 4 consecutive years, the event has been the ideal space to talk about strategies of inclusive marketing directed to the LGBT Community, whose purchasing power in Colombia exceeds 10.6 million dollars per year".

CCLGBTCO has organized more than 50 events in the country, has certified more than 20 companies friendly with the LGBT community. In addition, they assure that the community in Colombia has more than 24 million dollars per year in purchasing capacity, which makes them a market that is worth satisfying.


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