6 myths about pregnancy that you should not believe

Find here a list of myths, some common and others more strange, that surround pregnancy

6 myths about pregnancy that you should not believe

Although advances in science and technology have made pregnancy a more bearable stage, there are still a number of myths around it that we must eliminate according to the daily ABC of the baby, Kids Health and Grow Happy:

1. No more airplane travels: unless your doctor recommends it, you can travel by plane with complete peace of mind. Metal detectors, contrary to what many believe, do not represent any risk, but if you prefer a manual inspection, you can request it.

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Also, you should check if the company you are going to travel in has any restriction of this type or if they require a medical certificate for long-term flights.

2. The 'cold of the dead': the myth says that going to a cemetery or approaching dead people will have a negative effect on the mother or the baby. Unless you had a very close bond with the dead person and because of the sadness you may experience depression. On the contrary, there is no risk.

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3. The shape of the belly indicates the sex of the baby: according to popular belief, it is stated that if the mother's belly is high a girl will be born and, on the contrary, if the belly is low it will be a boy. The truth is that the shape and height of the belly are determined by the uterine and muscular tone and by how the baby is positioned. The only exact way to determine the sex of your baby is by talking to your doctor and requesting an ultrasound.

4. Varicose veins are inevitable: although it is true that the increase of relaxin, a hormone that helps dilation, and a greater volume of blood in the bloodstream, favor the appearance of varicose veins, the main cause of which is a genetic predisposition.

However, if they appear in the first pregnancy, you will have them again in the following because the veins have already dilated.

5. Playing sports can be harmful: in reality, sports will help you to keep fit, avoid and alleviate certain discomforts and have a simpler delivery. It promotes the prevention of constipation. Try to choose those sports that do not involve intense effort or sudden movements, such as golf, walking, or swimming.

6. With each pregnancy one tooth is lost: in addition, there are those who say that breastfeeding will also make you lose teeth. Actually, what should be done is to take care of oral hygiene to prevent hormonal changes that make bacteria proliferate more easily.


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Translated from “7 mitos sobre el embarazo que no debes creer”

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