Katy Perry announces her retirement from music

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The singer announced it in an interview with FootWear News and here we tell you all the details

Katy Perry anuncia su retiro de la música

A few days ago the singer Katy Perry announced her temporary retirement from the music in an interview with Foot Wear News. The magazine specialized in fashion and footwear interviewed her about her shoe brand Katy Perry Collections for the cover of the October issue. In the interview, however, other themes were played and the artist even told a little of her experience with her latest album, her last tour and announced her temporary retirement from music to work on other projects.

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When she was asked about what she was concentrating her energies on now after her Witness tour is over, the artist replied: "I've been on tour for about 10 years, so now I'm going to relax, I feel like I've done a lot, I feel like I've played the bell to be a pop star and I'm very grateful for that." And it is already 10 years since the success of her first single "I kissed a girl" in 2008 and since then the singer has not stopped launching new hits.



Why is it removed?

In addition to feeling tired after these first 10 years of career, the artist told about the emotional moment she is going through. When asked by her interviewer for reasons of the temporary retirement, she replies: "I knew what I wanted to do since I was 9 years old, so everything else went to a secondary level. I really did not pay attention to anything besides my art, which is great and I love it, I love making music and I love to write, but I do not feel like I'm part of a game, I just feel like I'm an artist, I do not feel like I have to try anything, which is a liberating feeling."

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Thus, the artist will take a break after her last tour, Witness. This to focus on her brand of shoes and also because she feel that she should no longer be responding to her audience with an album every time, but that the music will come to her when it has to arrive.


What's next for Katy Perry?

Although the artist was reiterative in that she should take a break from public life, she also mentioned the rest of her projects outside of music. What she is most focused on is her shoe brand, Katy Perry Collections, which she launched two years ago. This is why FootWear News magazine has chosen her for its cover. In the social networks of the artist, her brand has undoubtedly been the protagonist over her music.

The singer said that during her tour of Australia she also designed for the brand and that her buyers and manufacturers had to send her around 700 prototypes of her latest designs. It makes sense, then, for the artist to take time to fully work on only one of her projects. Two days ago, the artist made her first appearance at QVC, the largest television network in the United States of televised domestic shopping, to promote her brand and to raise awareness about the breast cancer problem.

And the singer is very involved in the fight against breast cancer. His brand of shoes is strongly linked to charitable work in research and fight against this disease. Katy Perry stars in many breast cancer awareness campaigns and her transmission in the QVC also consisted of raising funds for this cause. It seems that the singer's retirement will not be so inactive.


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