These are our favorite football songs

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Music and football get along very well. We bring you this list of songs that have been written dedicated to this sport or that the fans have appropriated

These are our favorite football songs

Music has always been a faithful companion of football. Although it does not look like it, at first sight, there is no football game in which you do not hear any kind of music. This sport has even encouraged fans to make music in different ways. If you look at the protocol of a football match, the music will always be included. All matches start with the anthem of each country or each city of the teams. During the game, we hear the fans sing in the stadium, who find different ways of making music with their hands and feet. The finals and the inaugurations of the great football events are usually great scenarios for international artists, who with their songs start the most important football matches. For all this, we bring you this list of our favorite football songs. Some were written in homage to this sport and others have simply been appropriated by the fans.

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"Cha cha cha", Chocquibtown

"Cha cha cha" is an unofficial song by the Colombian group Chocquibtown. It does not belong to any of their albums, but it is well known to fans of Jackson Martinez. It is titled in honor of the nickname of the player, 'Cha cha cha' Martinez. The song is a homage to the athlete who is, like the members of the musical group, of the department of Chocó.


"Santa Maradona", Manu Chao

The ex-member of the Franco-Spanish band Mano Negra wrote this song to the Argentine star. Undoubtedly the Argentine bars are some of the best known internationally. Besides being a country that is traditionally a leader in this sport, Argentina is also characterized by its faithful fans, so it is probably the country that has dedicated most songs to this sport. So great is the Argentine football phenomenon, which was an inspiration for the Franco-Spanish singer-songwriter.


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"Seven Nation Army", The White Stripes

This legendary rock song released in 2003 by the US group The White Stripes has nothing in common with football. The music video consists of going through a tunnel of triangles that goes up and down speed, something psychedelic and very rock. In 2006, however, three years after its release, the Italian fans appropriated the rhythm of this song to proclaim their victory in the World Cup that year, which took place in Germany. The fans of the team chanted "Siamo campioni del mondo" with the rhythm of American rock. Since then this song has been used to sing the victory of the Italians in other sports and other teams in football.

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"Yo te quiero dar", La Mosca Tse-Tse

As already mentioned above, the Argentine fans are famous for adapting famous songs and turning them IGNORE INTO stadium chants by changing the lyrics. On this occasion, it is the fans of Boca Juniors, who took this song from the Argentinian group La Mosca Tse-Tse for its festive rhythm so similar to other songs from roving bars. The lyrics of this song do not suffer major changes in the football version because it seems written for that purpose, even if it has not been, because the lyrics are more love than anything else.


"El pibe de mi barrio", Dr. Krápula

The Colombian group pays homage to football with this song that talks about how this sport can unite a neighborhood and bring greatness to some guys on any Sunday. The lyrics of the song do not speak of any player or team in particular (in addition to the reference to Pibe Valderrama), because that is not what he tries to honor. Talk, rather about how some boys get together to play soccer in a popular neighborhood. The song has, in addition, rhythms of song of stage and the pits of the arbitration are heard in the background.

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