Happy birthday ARTBO!

ARTBO celebrates 14 years of filling the city with art

Happy birthday ARTBO!

For 14 years, the Bogota Chamber of Commerce has organized the International Art Fair of the city, in this space, the main objective is the cultural exchange and the investigation of the state of the country's art scene in order to promote it. From October 25 to 28 in this place, you will find artists, curators, national and international galleries to offer the visitors a cultural space that, until now, has the widest reach in the middle of the plastic arts in Colombia.


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Works of different materialities and formats have been part of ARTBO and this year will not be the exception. The Fair is the central axis of the October artistic circuit in Bogotá. Throughout these 14 years, the sample has had a gradual growth, where details such as the care at the time of the selection of participating galleries and the experimental program of the non-commercial sections have been maintained.

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The Fair will be divided into the following sections:

1. Artecámara: It is a special space for young promising emerging Colombian art, this selection is carried out by means of the open call and with the accompaniment of the curator.

2. Main: Where you can find galleries from different parts of the world, chosen previously and carefully by the selection committee. Here we recognize the trajectory and the avant-garde proposals already established and those that are emerging.

3. Projects: Here are the projects of the artists represented commercially by the gallery are exposed, these are selected and invited by a curator.

4. Site: This seeks the expansion of works, actions, and projects that are displayed at the Fair in order to address a broader field of contemporary art practices. In addition, there is a presentation of large-format facilities.

5. Referents: Investigate against the works of artists who became art referents for breaking the outlines of history.

6. Articularte: It is a space that is carried out to raise awareness and approach the public through workshops and laboratories of contemporary art, a space for interaction and participation for attendees.

ARTBO is one of the most important artistic spaces in the country, it is open to all citizens and will take place in Corferias, it is an opportunity for all capitalists to approach culture and art.


LatinAmerican Post | Ana María Aray Mariño

Translated from "¡Feliz cumpleaños ARTBO!"

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