Spotify: these are the playlists based on DNA

Would you use your DNA to find love or listen to a musical list designed just for you?

Spotify: these are the playlists based on DNA

With the aim of providing a personalized and unique service for the creation of music playlists, Spotify decided to integrate science IGNORE INTO its application and use DNA as a primordial tool to generate 'playlists' based on the culture and ancestry of each user.

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Spotify aims to take the musical experience to unexplored levels, offering the possibility of discovering through melodies the origins of our ancestors. For this, the music streaming company created an alliance with Ancestry, the largest US company for genealogy, which will be responsible for collecting and processing the DNA samples sent by users.

The new service works very simple: after knowing the results of the DNA test, users share this information with Spotify and they can select a playlist based on their ethnic regions and cultural roots that define them.

This service -announced on September 21- is so far in the testing stage, but has already attracted the attention of more than 10,000 users who agreed to study their genetic information to obtain the select musical list. However, there are some users who consider it dangerous and unnecessary to grant such genetic details just to acquire a list of songs.

Given these concerns, representatives of Ancestry have said "not to keep the genetic results on any server" and even less to share their results, unless there is a court order in this regard. In the same way, Vineet Mehra, executive vice president of Ancestry, explained in an interview for Quartz that the intention of the new project is "much more than statistics, data and records", but a way to help people experience their culture, not just reading about it, also doing it through music.

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To the daring or curious users who decide to submit to the test to obtain their personalized list, Spotify promises to offer a musical selection that leaves no sounds of any region of the planet. The goal of both companies is to "incite the audience to listen to the soundtrack of their heritage" and discover their cultural roots in a closer way.

DNA for music, DNA for love

This is not the first time that a company uses DNA without strictly scientific purposes. An application launched earlier this year promises its users to find love by analyzing the genetic code of each individual.

The application known as Pheramor, analyzes human attraction based on genetic data, and according to its creators, the tool is based on more than 40 years of research that demonstrate the existence of 11 genes responsible for the affinity between two people.



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Users interested in finding love through this methodology receive instructions and tools to translate DNA IGNORE INTO their homes. These are returned to the laboratories where they are analyzed to obtain the personality characteristics that the first appointments within the platform will achieve.

Would you use your DNA to find love or listen to a musical list designed just for you?


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