Peru: Keiko Fujimori would go back to prison

After being released, a Peruvian prosecutor investigating Keiko Fujimori seeks to send her to jail

Peru: Keiko Fujimori would go back to prison

The Second National Criminal Court of Appeals decided to invalidate the capture against Keiko Fujimori, which was ordered by Judge Richard Concepción Carhuancho. The reasons for canceling the arrest were that only the Prosecutor's context and not Fujimori's were investigated. In addition, because the document used by Judge Concepcion Carhuancho to decide the capture of Keiko, had no argument, as reported by El País de España. However, Keiko Fujimori could return to prison.

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José Domingo Pérez, the prosecutor who investigates the daughter of the dictator, Alberto Fujimori, for money laundering in the financing of his campaign for the presidency in 2011, was in charge of asking the judge who takes his case to go to preventive detention for 36 months, review DW.

If Keiko is sent to jail, by acceptance of the judge, the investigation against her would be formalized and she would go on to an oral trial, says the same media.

Why is Keiko Fujimori being investigated?

Although the daughter of the dictator, is free, she will continue being investigated by the Peruvian justice. Which has told the media that Fujimori led a criminal organization that infiltrated the political party Fuerza 2001 -now known as Fuerza Popular and that has a large majority in the Peruvian Congress-, receiving money that came from acts of corruption of the controversial Brazilian firm Odebrecht.

According to the information provided by the justice system in Peru, the objective was that if she came to power, thanks to economic aid, she would return the favor through "the granting of overvalued works, normative benefits, and/or judicial favor."

Protests against Peruvian justice

The Peruvians left by thousands to protest against the Congress of the Republic, which for them, is covering up the magistrates involved in the corruption network of the judicial system of Peru. That was the reason Jorge Bracamonte, executive secretary of the National Coordinator of Human Rights of Peru (CNDDHH), gave a press conference for the media. In addition, as reported by the newspaper La República de Peru, several citizen groups have marched to demand the resignation of the Attorney General of the Nation, apparently, be involved in the aforementioned corruption scandal.

The anger of the Peruvian people has grown after knowing that Supreme Judge César Hinostroza, the main target in the corruption network, fled the country to Spain. There he was captured by the authorities, information that was confirmed by President Martín Vizcarra.

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The clash between fujimoristas and antifujimoristas

While the Peruvians protested, they asked the justice that Keiko Fujimori was kept in jail, some Fujimori groups demanded their freedom because they considered that there had been a political persecution against Fujimori. The clash between both sides had to be mediated by the Police.

For now, Keiko Fujimori is free. However, it is expected that a new hearing will take place and that Judge Richard Concepción Carhuancho will define whether Keiko Fujimori returns to jail or not. For this, the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, who requested the 36 months of preventive detention for Keiko, will have to present convincing arguments that allow the judge to decide whether or not to send her to jail.

For his part, Martín Vizcarra, president of Peru, has publicly announced that he seeks to reform justice. This could prevent cases such as that of Keiko Fujimori and the corruption network that have aroused the malaise of the Peruvian people continue to present themselves.


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