6 songs you should know to see Shakira in concert

The El Dorado Tour in Latin America began! Here are his greatest successes and the new of Shakira

6 canciones que debes saberte para ver a Shakira en concierto

El Dorado Tour swept Europe and now comes to Latin America. It began in Mexico, public that received it with open arms and with gorges ready to sing its greatest successes.

Then he followed Brazil, country in which they sang all his songs in Spanish and English. The singer will go to Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and finally to her native country, Colombia.

This tour promotes above all his latest work, the album El Dorado , which was released last year. However, the singer has pleased her faithful audience with her earlier successes and it is expected that in Latin America, where she has been known since before her hits in English, she has a repertoire in which she sings romantic songs and even more rock songs from the beginning of his career.

This was the case of Sao Paulo, where he opened with his hit "Estoy aquí" from his classic album Pies Descalzos (1995). Thus, it can be expected that the concerts of this tour in Latin America are very diverse and have songs in different languages ​​and from different genres.

For all this, we bring you everything you need to know about El Dorado and some more hits from the singer so you can enjoy the concert and sing screaming.



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Shakira's successes

As we already mentioned, the singer has taken advantage of her time in Latin America to sing her songs from the 90’s to her audience. This is why we bring you a small list of her successes, which has one song for each album of hercareer. This is what we think the Colombian will bring us.

1. Estoy aquí, Pies descalzos (1995)

This song was with which she opened her concert in Sao Paulo and represents one of her first hits. It was the first single from her first album, full of romantic songs with a little rock style in Spanish.

2. Ciega sordomuda, Dónde están los ladrones? (1998)

We listened this song for the first time on July 13, 1998 with the release of her album Where are the thieves? This year, it turned 20 years of its release. In this song, Shakira showed her versatility in singing, since she went from singing slowly to singing very fast, which would become her musical signature for a few years.

In the acoustic version of this song, there was mariachi, so it was a success throughout Latin America.

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3. Suerte (Whenever, Wherever), Servicio de Lavandería / Laundry Service (2001)

The most famous song of his first bilingual album. The artist has sung it many times in English and we hope that in this part of her tour we can listen to her in Spanish. This song, and the album in general, catapulted her to international fame, since audiences from other continents could already sing her hits.

4. Tortura, Fijación oral (2005)

This album, which had a second volume in English the following year of its release, was the fourth album of the Colombian. Her most successful single was Tortura (Torture), in collaboration with the Spanish and great friend of the singer, Alejandro Sanz.

It was famous, also, for its music video, where Shakira made her classic dance steps but this time a little away from her Arab attire and inclined to a more modern visual style.

5. Loba / She Wolf , Loba / She Wolf (2009)

Although this song was interpreted by the singer in its English version for the Brazilian public, it is expected that in other countries it will be performed in Spanish.

This was her first completely pop album, for which she was highly criticized by her initial fans, but praised by the international audience.

6. Rabiosa, Sale el sol (2010)

Soon after Loba / She Wolf, Shakira continued with this same line given the success of that album. Thus, in 2010, she launched Sale el sol, which charmed many and annoyed others.

It goes by the same pop style of the previous one, a style that made the singer sound in the clubs.

About El Dorado

In this album, the artist experimented with new rhythms and ventured into genres in which we had not seen her. She is seduced by the phenomenon of reggaeton and collaborates with two great representatives of the genre.

The album has two collaborations with her compatriot, the Colombian Maluma. The songs are "Chantaje" and "Trap." The first of these songs has a salsa version that is not included in the official album but represents a new genre in Shakira's career.

As if that were not enough, the singer also shares one of her hits with Nicky Jam, Puerto Rican reggaeton singer. Their joint song "Perro fiel" was a success last year and the expectation campaign for the music video was one of the ones that Shakira most publicized on her social media.

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Although almost all El Dorado is sung in Spanish, Shakira is already an artist in several languages ​​and she does not forget it. This time she brings a song in French "Comme moi" ("Like me"), and although she sings most of the verses in English, she collaborates with the French rapper Black M, who sings some verses in French thinking about the international audience.

This song also has its English version in the album, "What we said", in which the artist collaborates with the Canadian band MAGIC! In addition to this, there are two other English songs in El Dorado: "When a woman" and "Coconut tree".

Finally, two other great collaborations of the singer in this album are with Prince Royce and the already great Carlos Vives. With the first one, she sings "Deja vu", the first bachata that the singer does in her career, and she makes clear with this her interest in the Caribbean rhythms. With Carlos Vives she sings "La Bicicleta", a song that was a great hit two years ago, given that it was the union of two Colombians who have achieved international fame. "La bicicleta" was the first single of this new album.


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