For soccer lovers: which is the best league in the world?

The income and the number of fans per game are some of the things that must be taken IGNORE INTO account to determine which league is the best

For soccer lovers: which is the best league in the world?

In 2017, according to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS), LaLiga or the Spanish League was considered the best league in the world. In the second and third place were, respectively, the Premier League and the Brazilian Serie A Championship. The fourth place was occupied by Serie A of Italy, followed by Ligue 1 of France and Liga Águila of Colombia. In the seventh and eighth place were the Argentine Super League and the Bundesliga.

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How to determine which is the best league?

According to the IFFHS, the best league is the one that presents the best results, both nationally and internationally, taking IGNORE INTO account the reality of its top five clubs. However, for the BBC we must also consider things like "the league that generates the most money" or "the one that attracts the most fans to the stands", beyond the results. If this is taken IGNORE INTO account, the Premier League would be the best in terms of money generated.

According to Global Sports, this league pays more than one billion euros in salaries. Only in television rights, the England League received almost three billion euros, 1.3 million euros per team. As for more fans in matches, Global Sports places the Bundesliga as the league that most fans attract per meeting: 41500 people.


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Now, if you take IGNORE INTO account the number of individual trophies of the soccer players that are part of each league, the Spanish League is in the first place with 9 golden balls of the last ten. The other one is that of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2008, who at the time played for Manchester United. To this, the international titles of each league and even the salaries of the soccer players within the competition are added:

International titles

  • Spain. Of the last ten editions of the Champions League, two Spanish teams have seven titles: Real Madrid (2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018) and FC Barcelona (2009, 2011, and 2015). In the Europa League, the Spaniards have won six of the last ten titles: Sevilla and Atlético de Madrid, each with three titles.
  • England. It is the second league with more competitions won in the last ten years, one in the Champions League (Chelsea in 2012) and two in the Europa League (Chelsea in 2013 and Manchester United in 2017).
  • Italy. In the last decade, Italians have won only one international title, that of Inter Milan in the Champions League of 2010. Although it also has two Juventus finals in this tournament (2015 and 2017), against Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively.
  • France. It does not have international titles in recent years. In fact, to see a French team champion in Europe it is necessary to return until the 1992/1993 season when Olympique de Marseille defeated AC Milan 1-0 with a goal by Basile Boli.
  • Germany. The Germans have a title in the Champions League, won by Bayern Munich in 2013. In addition to this final, the Germans had the opportunity to increase their track record in European competitions with Werder Bremen, runner-up in the Europa League 2008/2009.

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  • Spain. According to El Mundo, the average salary for a soccer player in a year is around 4.05 million euros, with a minimum wage of 155 thousand euros. However, as explained by Sporting Intelligence, the salaries granted to the payrolls of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona raise this number: 6.8 million euros and 7.2 million euros respectively.
  • England. Sporting Intelligence also contributed data related to salaries in the Premier League. Manchester United is the one that invests the most in its players, with an average of 5.7 million euros per season. In the other side is the Huddersfield, which only invests 1.1 million euros in them.

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  • Italy. The Italians, informs the newspaper AS, have Juventus as the team that deposits the most money for its players: 219 million euros, with an average of 9.1 million per player. However, the same media explains, in Italy, there is an imbalance in this issue because 68.43% of its soccer players charge less than one million euros and only 31.57% "equals or exceeds that figure".
  • France. According to Global Sports Salaries, the PSG is in first place with an average salary of about 7.4 million euros, while the Troyes is in the last place with a salary of 342 thousand euros. In addition, it clarifies that only the top 10 players in the league "earn 52 percent of the salary of the division."
  • Germany. Global Sports also details the great difference that exists in the Bundesliga, between Bayern Munich that bills almost 6 million euros on average per player against Freiburg with 522 thousand euros. However, it explains that these salaries have improved by 19% compared to last season, which had a minimum average wage of almost 400 thousand euros.

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In this way, it can be inferred that the predominance of Spain and England is undeniable, at least in the last ten years. The first one because of the importance of their teams internationally, while the second one is the one that generates the most money. Now, if we talk about the most balanced one, France's Ligue 1 wins with six different champions in the last ten years. Although this factor has changed with the dominance of PSG in the last six championships: five against one of AS Monaco.


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