This exhibition celebrates 20 years of peace between Ecuador and Peru

With an art exhibition, Ecuador pays tribute to the end of a conflict with Peru

With this exhibition 20 years of peace between Ecuador and Peru are celebrated

Until next November 5, Simón Bolívar Andean University will host the photographic exhibition "Así se ganó la paz" (This is how peace was won). In this display, we can observe different stages of this whole process, such as the negotiations, the delimitation of the border, and when the agreements between Peru and Ecuador were executed to achieve peace. The curators of the exhibition are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mobility of Ecuador and the College of Latin American Headquarters.

For more than five decades, the two nations were in conflict. When peace was sealed, writers and filmmakers carried out several projects, each in their specialty. In these they caught every detail of what happened in the war, its protagonists, and the process that led to the culmination of this territorial war. Some of the audiovisual and written productions that took place at that time are:

  • Movies like "The Promise"
  • Documentaries such as “Cenepa - Patria o tumba. El infierno de una guerra" (Cenepa - Homeland or Tomb, The Hell of a War") and "La generación de una victoria" ("The Generation of a Victory").
  • Books such as "Ecuador-Peru: history of conflict and peace", "Ecuador-Peru: evaluation of a decade of peace and development" and " This is how peace was won", with the same name as the exhibition

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The commemoration also includes other activities besides the exhibition. You can also enjoy scientific and different conferences. These will take place within the framework of this celebration. Three topics of these conferences are:

1. The Chancellors of Peace

2. Historical Memory of the Peace Process

3. The Future of Ecuador-Peru Relations

The talks will address the conciliation from the perspective of the negotiators, what civil society understood of the peace process, of social integration, and relations between nations.

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On October 26, Quito received the visit of Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra who, along with Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno, commemorated this anniversary. However, this event will also be attended by José Ayala Lasso (Ecuador) and Fernando de Trazegnies (Peru), who at that time acted as foreign ministers and staged the signing of the agreements in 1998.



The main organizers are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility of Ecuador, the International University of Ecuador, and the Embassy of Peru in Ecuador with the Simon Bolivar Andean University. They set out to organize special activities to commemorate this date.

The exact date of the signing of the agreements was carried out on October 26, 1998. It was there when the dispute over the territories was resolved and a number of cooperation agreements were included. According to the Foreign Ministry of Ecuador, these agreements have benefited Peruvian and Ecuadorian interests.


LatinAmerican Post | Ana María Aray
Translated from “Con esta exhibición se celebran 20 años de paz entre Ecuador y Perú”


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