Comic-Con takes over Latin America

This month, Colombia and Bolivia will receive the best of the world of comics. Then they will be followed by Argentina and Mexico

Comic-Con takes over Latin America

The world of comics is increasingly broad. Not only in the sense of the cultural segments that it covers, such as cosplay, video games, cinema, television, printed publications, etc; but also in a geographical sense. The days when the Comic-Con of San Diego was the only event dedicated to comics are over. Now the comics take over the world and Latin America is not far behind.

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Latin American countries no longer only receive foreign products, but they are also great producers of graphic novels and comics. This month, Colombia and Bolivia will host major comic book conventions and then Argentina will follow them at the end of the year and Mexico for 2019. Here we present you the agenda of the Comic-Cons that are approaching and that you cannot miss.

Comic-Con Colombia

It will take place at the Plaza Mayor convention center in the city of Medellín, on November 16, 17 and 18. This will be the seventh version of the convention in Colombia and the sixth in that city since the last one was held in the capital of the country.

Among its most popular guests is Jason David Frank, the actor who played Tommy Oliver, the Green Power Ranger. Frank will go to this convention to celebrate 25 years of the successful television program. Also attending is Manu Bennett, renowned for his roles in the films Spartacus and The Hobbit.

Finally, attendees can see Noah Schnapp, the actor who plays Will Byers in the acclaimed Netflix series, Stranger Things. It is an event without precedents and there are still tickets. Are you ready?


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Comic-Con Bolivia

It will be held during the same dates of Comic-Con Colombia: from November 16 to 18, so these will be great days for comics in Latin America. It will take place in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in the Moragrande Convention Hall.

The organizers affirm in the social networks of the event that this convention intends to go far beyond the printed comics and that it aims at a wider audience of cinema, television and video games, and that it also includes fans and collectors. All this will revolve around science fiction, so there will be activities for all tastes.


Comic-Con Argentina

This is perhaps the biggest pop culture convention in Latin America. This country is such a fan of comics that it makes a Comic-Con twice a year. This December will be the tenth version of this convention, so it will be a very good and special one. It will take place at the Costa Salguero Center in the Palermo neighborhood of the city of Buenos Aires.

So far, among the guests are the actress Gillian Anderson, famous for her role as special agent Dana Scully in the highly regarded series The X Files; and Karol Sevilla, Mexican actress, singer and YouTuber who stars in the teen series Soy Luna.

There will also be Brian Stelfreeze, illustrator and a comic book artist, among them the Black Panther comic books; and Mark Waid, scriptwriter and comic author, member of DC Comics, one of the largest comic book companies. All the presale tickets have been sold out, but there are still some available in other stages. What are you waiting for?


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Comic-Con México

It is hard to believe in a country in which the publishing industry is so strong and also has a border with the United States and therefore much influence of the American country, but Mexico has not held a Comic-Con ever before. It has been announced, then, that in March of next year will be held for the first time a convention dedicated only to the world of comics in the country. Mexico City will be the host city. The program and the guests are still unknown ... We cannot wait!

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