Do you suffer from depression? This diet can help you

Those people who consume processed foods and alcohol are more likely to suffer from depression, according to scientific studies

Do you suffer from depression? This diet can help you

A new study published by the journal Nature states that a diet rich in dried fruits, vegetables, fruits and olive oil reduces by 33% the risks of suffering from depression.

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Changing the diet is synonymous with good health

The Mediterranean diet is much healthier for those who have other less healthy eating habits that include processed foods, lots of red meat, and refined products.

Camille Lassale, one of the authors of the study, says that "there is convincing evidence that there is a relationship between the quality of your diet and mental health. This relationship goes beyond the effect of diet on your size or on other aspects of health that in turn can affect your mood".

Scientists concluded that inflammation of the stomach could cause mental problems. This means that the brain is connected to the digestive system giving the pattern that for something is called the second brain.

The researchers came to the conclusion that there are several factors that can negatively affect our brain. Oxidative stress, inflammation, and insulin resistance are the most common to which inflammation is added.

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Another study, published by the research website PMC, determined that vitamins belonging to the B complex (from B1 to B12 or folic acid) in addition to zinc and magnesium, among other minerals, have a very positive effect on the functions of the brain. The researchers found that only one in three patients find relief in the treatment of depression with the use of drugs and that 50% of cases with positive results fall back into the disease. This reinforces the above, since it is affirmed that a good Mediterranean diet can be positive for the treatment and prevention of depression.

However, it is still far from reaching a concrete result. The study is mainly based on the collection and comparison of data from other reports published in this regard.

"Current evidence is not enough to show that plant-rich diets can prevent depression because most tests simply show that those who have poor mental health eat poorly", says Naveed Sattar, professor of Metabolic Medicine at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. That is why she advises to conduct more studies before ensuring that they have a favorable and definitive result.

Maintaining a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables and eliminating processed meats and refined products, is not only a way to feel good all day, but also recharges us and keeps us in shape.


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