This is the new exhibition of ARTELATAM in Ecuador

The organization will hold an exhibition of nine Latin American artists in three cities of Ecuador

The organization will hold an exhibition of nine Latin American artists in three cities of Ecuador

Ecuador: Get to know the new ARTELATAM exhibition!

With three years of life, for the first time, the ARTELATAM organization arrives in Ecuador with nine Latin American artists in the exhibition "Sdcphmrm", the conceptual title that is formed from the initial name of each exhibitor. The tour begins in Cuenca, continuing with Guayaquil and Quito. After passing through the South American country it will go to Mexico and it will end in New York. Until December 13, the exhibition can be visited at the Galería Larrazabal

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ARTELATAM is an organization that supports contemporary art expressions and arises from the need to give impetus to visual artists in Latin America, increase their international audience, generate exhibition spaces, gains space and project Latin visual art to the world.



The show was curated by Graciela Cartofel, who at the time of carrying it out strongly adheres to the creativity of each of the invited artists in order to show the great diversity that can be found in the works made in Latin America and New York. Cartofel studies the work in order to make the works dialogue, synchronize, generate channels of communication between them and between the artists who own a compelling work.

Among the artists that make up the exhibition are:

• Pablo Kaviedes and Carlos Torres (Ecuador)

• Diego Arnaya, Manuel Velázquez and Roberto Rodríguez (Mexico)

• Stella Sidi and Sergio Fasola (Argentina)

• Moses Ros of the Dominican Republic

• Hermann Mejía from Venezuela

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Ros exposes his mobile with a work that moves and comes alive thanks to the interaction between these and the wind. The Argentinean Fasola carries out a photography exhibition where his interest in capturing essentials of the culture of his country is evident, while his compatriot Sidi focuses his work on the issue of migration, what is lived and observed around what is human mobility



The Venezuelan Hermann Mejía arrives with paintings that go from the figurative to the abstract where he uses oil and acrylic on the canvas. Manuel Velázquez from Mexico exposes proposals made of wood with a low relief drawing using earth colors and symbolic forms. He also plays with the panels and from these weapon compositions. And the Ecuadorian Carlos Torres exposes his work of painting in acrylic, which will be constituted by the public because one can step on it and the other can be drawn with chalk so the result of this will be the content of the proposal.



In 2019 this exhibition may also be visited in other Latin American countries such as Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and the previously named Mexico.


LatinAmerican Post | Ana María Aray Mariño

Translated from "¡Conoce la nueva exposición de ARTELATAM en Ecuador!"

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