The Spice Girls are back! These are the 4 most exciting comebacks

The famous English pop band has announced a reunion tour. We present you other bands that have done the same

The Spice Girls are back! These are the 4 most exciting comebacks

It's official, the Spice Girls are back! They will do a reunion tour that will take place next summer. The famous English girls already have dates and places for the tour. All are cities of the United Kingdom, because this return will be especially for the English public. The tour will start on June 1st in the city of Manchester, then pass through Coventry, Sunderland, Edinburgh, and Bristol, to finally finish in London.

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However, their comeback will be made without Victoria Beckham, the Posh Spice. Although many fans were excited about the comeback of the band in its entirety, the truth is that Victoria is now engaged in fashion, so she cannot participate in the tour. She has said it in her social networks, while she wishes the best of luck to her teammates.

Many fans are still hopeful that perhaps the now designer will join the band at the last concert of the tour, which will be in London, where she and her family reside. For her part, Mel B said in an interview with Heart Radio that Posh Spice will join for an extra date at Wembley, giving more hope to those fans who are looking forward to this meeting.

This would be the first time that the girls come together to perform on stage their hit singles since their last meeting in 2012. With or without Victoria we are sure that the return of the Spice Girls will be awesome. This is why we present you this list with other comebacks from some of our favorite bands that returned without any of their main members.

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Smashing Pumpkins

The band announced this year that it would make a comeback tour in which they would play especially their classics of the 90s. The original members of the band would participate in the tour: Billy Corgan, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin. However, the bassist of the original band, D'arcy Wretzky, who left the band in 1999, a year before the final dissolution in the year 2000, did not seem to be part of the tour.

This year, just days after the famous band made the announcement of their meeting, the bassist would have given her first interview to Alternative Nation after almost twenty years of silence. In the interview, she talks about her bad relationship with the singer and leader of the band, Billy Corgan. Among other things, she tells that she was never invited to this reunion tour and neither to Crogan's solo tour.

She also spoke about the exchange of text messages she had with Crogan and said that the deal between them was never one of friendship, nor was it even a cordial treatment. Thus, it will be very difficult for the band's original bass player to ever join in a comeback while Billy Crogan remains the leader.

Guns N 'Roses

The famous rock band has already made more than one meeting in which all of its original members are not there. In 2001, the leader of the band, Axl Rose, decided to make a 'reunion' tour that did not have any other original Guns N 'Roses members beside him. The tour raised a lot of money, but it received a lot of criticism from fans who expected to see the previous style of the band.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, by that time Axl Rose would have said that a meeting with Slash was something very little possible and that it would not happen in the short term. However, in 2016 the band met for the Not In This Lifetime tour. On this occasion, Slash and Duff joined the singer of the band, but two members remained outside.

On the one hand, drummer Steven Adler, due to medical problems and some personal problems with Axl Rose. On the other hand, the second guitarist, Izzy Stradlin, because they could not agree on the subject of payments. It seems that little by little maybe the band meets completely, meanwhile, we'll have to wait.

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The Supremes

Another girl group on our list. This time it's about the 60s band The Supremes, whose best-known member is perhaps Diana Ross. This soul and pop band was founded by Florence Ballard in 1961, along with her friend Mary Wilson and her then classmate, Diana Ross. The first of them left the band in 1967 and was replaced by Cindy Birdsong.

Diana Ross left in 1970, and Mary Wilson managed to continue with the band during the late 70s with two new singers: Lynda Laurence and Sherry Payne. Then, in 2000 the band planned to make a reunion tour, but Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong rejected the proposal because they feel insulted by the very low percentage offered to them compared to the figure that was directed to Diana Ross.

That is why the Diana Ross and The Supremes tour was composed only by the diva, who already had a solid career as a solo singer, and Laurence and Payne who were not part of the original band.


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