¡Expochess is here with a Day of the Dead theme!

Expochess: Chess and Art of the World arrives with the special "Day of the Dead and Chess"

¡Expochess is here with a Day of the Dead theme!

Until next December 6th, you can visit at the UAM of Xochimilco in Mexico City the unique and unrepeatable exhibition in the world, the Expochess: Chess and Art of the World tour with its special theme of the Day of the Dead.

Leer en español: ¡Conoce la exposición que mezcla el arte con el ajedrez!

The objective of the exhibition is to show the admiration and respect towards the cultures that are participating in Expochess, through the important and special meaning that this celebration has for Mexicans. Thus, the art of chess is highlighted as a connection with all other cultures of the world.

There are dozens of artists from Mexico and other countries around the world that show their productions full of fraternity, such as that which is embodied in the participation and work of international artists such as the German Elke Rehder, the Basque Mikel Garate, and the Colombian Mónica Savdié. 

Members of the Cuarto de Luna Collective and the Sarukaku art studio will also be part of this exhibition. With the slogan "EUSKADI BASQUE COUNTRY", the event has received great support from the Delegation of the Basque Country.

Mexico will host the fourth festival of the first international tour that Expochess does. The public will not only have the opportunity to appreciate the successful exhibitions of international art but will also be able to attend the many cultural and social activities related to this sport, as has already been done in other Latin American countries such as Colombia, Chile, and Venezuela.

The artworks will be exhibited in the R building on the ground floor of the university center, more precisely in "Galería el Pasillo", "Sala Ada Dewe" and the "Galería de Diseño Industrial".

Expochess was created in 2014. Because it is defined as a festival of the transversal culture of chess within other activities, its programme includes the projection of videos, films related to the project, exhibitions of the game and the call to the III International Drawing Contest Expochess. 

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Last October in Colombia, Expochess Colombia was held at the Emilio Valenzuela School Foundation, an institution that has been participating for two years as the headquarters of this initiative that was born in Europe and through chess seeks the integration of institutions at an academic and cultural level.

Among the activities that took place there were:

  • Open Chess School Tournament
  • Virtual chess meeting with foreign countries
  • Exhibitions with a chess theme
  • Lectures about chess and mathematics, among others


LatinAmerican Post | Ana María Aray Mariño

Translated from "¡Conoce la exposición que mezcla el arte con el ajedrez!"

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