7 tips to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

Although its appearance is completely normal during pregnancy, there are a number of measures that will help prevent stretch marks

7 tips to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the mother's body experiences great physiological and hormonal changes that affect even her skin. Stretch marks are one of the aesthetic problems that often worry pregnant women.

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According to the daily Babies and more, the skin, which by itself has a great capacity for distension, can stretch up to ten times during pregnancy, which means that the skin that normally covers an inch can reach up to ten in pregnancy.

Its appearance is usually caused by the sudden increase or loss of weight, by diseases that affect the normal formation of collagen, by an increase in the production of normal estrogens in pregnancy, or by hereditary factors.

According to one study, nine out of 10 women have stretch marks between week 22 and 32 of pregnancy, and the most frequent sites of appearance are the abdomen (60%), thighs (25%), hips (20%), and breasts (10 %).

That is why, the faster you take measures so that the elastic fibers of the dermis do not break and those small scars are generated, the easier it will be to avoid their appearance:

1. Hydrate your skin throughout pregnancy: apply a moisturizer approved by your doctor twice a day and load a jar with a little of it for when you feel that your skin is drying. This will help you to retain its natural elasticity and resist distension.

2. Exercise regularly: exercise promotes circulation and stimulates the production of collagen. Keeping yourself in good shape during pregnancy will prevent micro-tears of the skin, but remember to consult your doctor and not make sudden movements or lifting too much weight to protect you and your baby.

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3. Drink lots of water: drinking water is essential for the proper functioning of our body, but also helps us to moisturize the skin from the inside and promote its elasticity.

4. Massage the skin: according to the newspaper Being parents, circular massages in difficult areas, such as chest, hips, gut and thighs stimulate circulation. You can strengthen the skin with soft pinches and apply your anti stretch mark cream during the process.
There are also some home remedies such as aloe vera, lemon juice, egg whites and natural oils that you can rub in the affected areas.

5. Do not smoke: apart from being totally contraindicated during pregnancy by harming the baby, tobacco also damages your skin by decreasing the production of collagen and elastin and, therefore, favor the appearance of stretch marks.

6. Avoid exposure to the sun because it will dry your skin: if you do, always use a good sunscreen and then a very moisturizing after sun lotion.

7. Eat well: foods rich in vitamins A, such as dairy and carrots, E, such as vegetables and cereals, C, such as citrus fruits and potatoes and magnesium, are great allies in the prevention of stretch marks.


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