Deyna Castellanos: the Venezuelan who is taking over college football

The success of the Venezuelan began in the 'Vinotinto' National Team and has already transferred her to the United States university football.

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Deyna Castellanos is synonymous with success wherever you look. The footballer player is only 19 years and has managed to make her mark in just a few years of career, scoring amazing goals.

The Venezuelan woman who, during 2017, was part of the trio of candidates for the FIFA "The Best" prize thanks to her extraordinary performance with the female national team, moved to the United States. There she is part of the team of the University of Florida, where she recently won the title of "United Women's Soccer", being, of course, the great reference of her team.


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From LatinAmerican Post, we recall some of the most important records of the Venezuelan, that could lead us to think that we are facing the presence of the new face female world football.

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The protagonist of the Florida crown

The Venezuelan was not only part of the team that won the American university league, but also, as noted by the newspaper The Impulse, was essential throughout the season, getting the award for the best player of the year with nine goals and six assists in 20 games as a starter.


Una publicación compartida de Deyna Castellanos (@deynacastellanos) el

Great scorer

Undoubtedly, Deyna has reached her maximum performance leading the vinotinto sub-17 selection, with which in addition to getting two fourth places in the world in the championships of Costa Rica 2014 and Jordan 2016, as detailed in the newspaper As, took over several distinctions important, among them a gold boot (2014), and a boot and a bronze ball (2016).

The newspaper also refers to how great her magic has been at the head of the Venezuelan team, which is just 39 games has won 35 goals, an impressive figure of almost one goal per commitment.

Awesome goals

However, Deyna's not only has been leadership and important goals, because the most amazing thing about her is that several of her goals have been around the world through social networks. So much so that, as El Impulso recounts, thanks to one of the jewels marked for the 2016 World Cup, she won the third place in the Puskas award given by FIFA.

Jump to stardom

Of course, beyond their sporting achievements, Deyna has managed to move on the planet of networks, which already accumulates millions of followers. Thanks to her beauty, talent, and simplicity, she has had the opportunity to always be at FIFA awards events, which has led her to share moments and pose on indelible postcards with football legends such as Pele, Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi , who has always been happy to be with her and applaud her talent.

At the moment it is clear that it is unknown where the talent of Deyna Castellanos will go, it is difficult to presage. What it is clear, is that at just 19 years old, her career is just beginning.

LatinAmerican Post | Freddy González

Translated from: 'Deyna Castellanos: la joven venezolana que conquista el fútbol universitario'

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