Do you know which are the most expensive players in Latin America's football leagues?

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Although the astronomical figures do not reach those of Europe, in Latin America some soccer players border the 20 million euros

Do you know which are the most expensive players in Latin America's football leagues?

South America has been characterized in the football world as the largest 'exporter' of footballers to European football, where its value and salaries are millionaires. However, in the American continent, there is still young and talented blood that is waiting to make the leap to the 'Old Continent', which makes them a 'precious stone' in the regional market.

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It is no secret to anyone that the leagues of Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico are those that move large amounts of money in America. There is where the most expensive players of the continent and the most valuable clubs are located. Next, we will know the 'gems' of Latin American football.

In Brazil and Argentina dazzle the most valuable players

The list is headed by Brazilian Luan and Argentine Cristian Pavón. The first, scorer of the Guild of Brazil, with 25 years, and the second, Boca Juniors midfielder, with 22, reach in the market the figure of 20 million euros, just over 22.5 million dollars, according to Transfermarkt.


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With that money, as for a reference, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West bought their current residence in the exclusive Hidden Hills elite complex in Los Angeles, California, according to the magazine Caras.

'Pass the ball to 10', is one of the most popular phrases in football and no wonder, since they are responsible for weaving plays in the midfield. That is why they are the most valued on the court and an extra value if they are left-handed, as in the case of Gonzalo Martínez, the 25-year-old midfielder who is part of the River Plate and reaches the figure of 15 million euros, about 17 million dollars, according to the specialized portal Transfermarkt.

But the Xeneixez, as it is called Boca Juniors, have two other players of great economic value: 10 million euros each, or something close to 12 million dollars, according to the same portal. In spite of being 'destructive', that is to say, the one that does the 'dirty game' avoiding the advance of the rival, the Colombian midfielder Wilmar Barrios (25 years old) is quoted in his zone. Meanwhile, one more warm and who makes celebrate his followers is Darío Benedetto, the 'gaucho' of 28 years reaches this amount, despite the age.


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Returning to the land of the samba, Cruzeiro is another team that has a 'jewel' in its midfield, it is about the 24-year-old Uruguayan Giorgian De Arrascaeta, which reaches an amount of 9 million euros.


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The league of Mexico is not far behind

For the sides of Mexico, despite paying large salaries and having one or another figure of regional football, the players do not reach the 10 millions of euros. This is the case of the young Mexican Orbelín Pineda, a promise of football in his country and with 22 years is valued at 5 million euros, something like 5.5 million dollars, money spent actor Antonio Banderas to buy his plane, one of the same model of the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, according to the web portal emol.com.

However, despite Mexico having one of the highest paid leagues in the continent, it is the local rents of Brazil and Argentina that have the most valuable 'precious stones' in football in America.


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