7 tips for you to have an eco-friendly Christmas

One of the happiest times of the year is coming and here we tell you how to make this celebration also joyful for the environment

7 tips for you to have an eco-friendly Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and we are already decorating our home and offices to celebrate it. That's why here we tell you 7 ways to make your Christmas eco-friendly.

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1. Buy and use ornaments that are not made with plastic: currently, one of the biggest pollution problems we face is the large amount of plastic that is discarded and that takes years to decompose. For this reason, it is advisable to buy products made with other materials or make them at home with recyclable items such as cloth, cardboard, catalogs, etc.

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2. Do not use artificial Christmas trees: this object, essential to celebrate in December, is usually made of plastic, material that as we said before takes a long time to decompose. You can look for artistic alternatives, such as painting your tree or making one with recycled materials such as plastic bottles. You can also buy bushes or plants that you can keep in your home and decorate for the occasion.

3. Eco friendly gifts: Try to give gifts made with renewable or recycled materials. This information can be found on the labels. For children, especially, you can give them toys that do not use batteries or that are made of plastic. By doing so, you will give a gift to your loved ones and the planet.

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4. Do not buy wrapping paper: wrappings are usually an indispensable when making gifts on these dates. However, they are usually for single use and after opening the presents we throw them away. For this, we advise you to use other alternatives such as newspaper, scraps of cloth, and reuse wrappers in good condition, among others.

5. Use LED lights and turn them off: led lights use 80% less energy than traditional lights, so they are an excellent option to decorate the tree and facade and save on the bill. Do not forget to turn off all the lights when you go to sleep, so you will prevent accidents and avoid consuming unnecessary energy.

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6. Do not send printed congratulations: Christmas is about sharing more time and wishing good wishes to all those you love. Usually, we do it by means of cards that we send in the mail. However, these cards do not end up being friendly to the environment because of the amount of paper used and the fuel that is burned to transport them. A much better alternative is to send your congratulations through digital postcards.

7. For the Christmas and New Year's dinner: do not buy plates and disposable cups to celebrate these dates, it is more awkward but less harmful to use traditional dishes and wash them. At this point, it is also worth recommending that you wash them with cold water to avoid using heaters that will consume more gas or energy.


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