Boca vs River: the business behind the soccer match

The final match of the Copa Libertadores has revolutionized the soccer industry in Latin America, not only in sports but also economically. Find out here more about it

Boca vs River: the business behind the soccer match

No doubt the final of any soccer event, whether it's the local league, the Copa Libertadores, the UEFA Champions League or the FIFA World Cup, awakens fans enthusiasm and revolutionizes the soccer industry. The grand final of the Copa Libertadores between River Plate and Boca Juniors is not only unprecedented, but also one of those events that the Argentine and Latin American fans have waited for decades.

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This is an event that is even comparable to a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Champions League or between the Argentine National Team and the Brazilian National Team in the World Cup.

But beyond the sporting part, the economic part also becomes relevant in an event of this magnitude. In fact, here there is also strong competition between both teams. On the one hand, there is the value of both teams, which, according to the Fokus Market consultancy, is much higher in one than in another.

In fact, the River is the most valuable with $ 132.2 million dollars compared to the $ 85.4 million dollars that the Boca is worth. On the other hand are the players and the xeneizes have the most valuable. Boca most valuable player is Cristian Pavón whose value is $ 22.8 million dollars against River's player Gonzalo "El Pity" Martinez which is worth $ 17.1 million dollars.

For the final of the Libertadores, the tickets have flown at exorbitant prices. Initially it was made clear that the visiting fans will not be present, only the locals will be there.

According to Canal RCN, Boca has nearly 200,000 members who would "kill" for obtaining one of the 53,000 places offered by La Bombonera at a price of $ 73 and certain requirements, such as having attended four of Boca's last six games.

Of course, we must consider that in the illegal sale tickets range between $ 1,700 and $ 5,000 dollars. Fokus Market calculates that the xeneize club will only raise about $ 2 million dollars for tickets. In the case of River Plate, 66,000 places are offered in the Monumental for 100,000 associates at a price of up to $ 73 dollars in the legal sale, according to the same media.



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Now, bets are one of the juiciest businesses in this final. On the one hand, Fokus Market ensures that River has a slight disadvantage to pay $ 2.90 dollars per dollar bet against the $ 2.60 dollars that Boca pays, while the tie pays $ 3 dollars. On the other hand, Depor summarizes the main sports betting sites.

Here the Boca also has the advantage, paying River from $ 3 up to $ 3.40 dollars for each dollar bet, while the xeneizes range between $ 2.25 and $ 2.58 dollars. For its part, the tie ranges from $ 2.78 to $ 2.90.

In this way, neither the apparent advantage of the River of having the second match seems to have an effect on the bets, which considered Boca slightly stronger. The sports betting sites that Depor mentions are: Te Apuesto, Betsson, InkaBet, 888 sport, Luckia, Bet365, William Hill, Bet Stars, and Bet Fair.

According to Marca, there is a "technical tie" when bidding both $ 1.90 per dollar bet at the Caliente betting house. This without forgetting that in the bets it matters the result, the marker, the minute in which goal is score and who score the goal, among other categories that change the gains.

To have a point of comparison, in the final of the Champions League between Real Madrid and Liverpool the numbers were quite similar, as they paid € 2.25 euros per euro bet on Real Madrid, for € 3.80 betting on Liverpool. These data were confirmed on the court, crowned the Real Madrid as the European champion, according to 20 minutes.

Finally, this unprecedented final has broken audience records. According to Fox Sports, more than 7 million people across the region saw the first match through their screens, without considering clearly those who saw it through illegal platforms or in restaurants, bars, and other establishments.

In addition, according to the same media, the match was in the first places on television in Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile, which are the main markets of the region.

In Argentina alone, the figure is 3.1 million viewers, figures that could be broken if the Macri government reaches an agreement with the network to broadcast it on public television, something that seems distant in the midst of austerity. However, hope will continue until November 24, according to El Clarín.


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