4 superheroes who fight crime and change diapers

All superheroes have secret identities. These superheroes fathers and mothers

4 superheroes who fight crime and change diapers

There is something you did not know about the superheroes that we present to you here, and that is that some of them are like you more than you think. Some, even, must change diapers and take their children to school. It is about those whose secret identity is a father or a mother. Although they all save the world, they are also ordinary people who deal with the vicissitudes of motherhood and fatherhood day after day. Here we show you.

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That's right, the aquatic superhero, whose secret identity is Arthur Curry, is the father of Arthur Jr., better known as Aquababy. In the comic, the sovereign of the ocean meets Mera, an aquatic queen and marries her. Then they have a son they call after his father. His story, however, does not have a happy ending. According to the specialized portal aminoapps, Aquababy would die in the clutches of Nlack Manta, the archenemy of the superhero, who would have put the baby in a sphere that filled with air little by little and that did not allow him to breathe. This he did to torture Aquaman, whose life changed forever after this event.

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Very few know the female version of Spider-Man. This is Jessica Drew, the daughter of a millionaire anthropologist for having found uranium in a jungle region. As a child, Drew becomes ill from exposure to uranium radiation and her father, in an attempt to save it, injects him with experimental spider serum with a genetic accelerator, as he has proven that spiders are more resistant to radiation. This is how later Spider-Woman would be born. According to Vix magazine, in November 2015, a new comic of this superheroine was launched, in which, in addition to changing her image completely, she appeared pregnant. Contrary to the rest of the sexualized superheroines, Spider-Woman continued to fight crime with her pregnancy body and kept secret the identity of the father, because as its creator, Dennis Hopeless, said in an interview with Marvel, "he simply does not want to reveal it".



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It is perhaps one of the most beloved characters of the X-Men. And he is part of a heroic pair of father and son. Cable, his son, is a relatively new character in the comic series of the X-Men, but that already appears in the movie Deadpool. But if you are imagining a baby or an innocent little child you are very wrong. Cable looks like a war veteran: gray hair and muscular arms. His secret identity is Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, son of Scott Summers, Cyclops in the X-Men. According to the Gizmodo portal, his birth is the product of a plan to create a mutant so strong that he could defeat the archenemy of the X-Men, Apocalypse. The result was this new superhero who travels in time and who was raised by Cyclops and Jean Gray, another mutant.



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Jessica Jones

The superheroine that already has a series of Netflix is also a mother. The heroine, who studied at school with Peter Parker, the real name of Spider-Man, was attacked by the green goblin, his archenemy, during his pregnancy. The father of his daughter is his fellow superhero Luke Cage, also known as Power Man. Together they have Danielle Cage Jones, who would be born with the powers and abilities of both parents.



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